Machines, systems and baking technology
for bakeries, hotels and supermarkets

WP Riehles devices are used worldwide in bakeries, hotels, supermarkets and other establishments in the food industry. With our deep fryers and lye application machines, we provide snacks made by WP RIEHLE on a global basis:

  • Fried product lines
  • Frying
  • Instore baking
  • Pretzel Lye Application
  • Tray cleaning
  • Robotic
  • Bakery Freezing Systems
Das kleine Fettbackgerät, ideal zum Schaubacken

Deep fryer device FETTBOY

20 – 30 pcs/baking process

Das kleinste Kompaktgerät

Deep fryer Mini 20

20 – 30 pcs/baking process

Mit Vomumen-Dampfdeckel für größeres Gebäckvolumen

Deep fryer L2000 D

60 pcs/baking process

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Automatic deep fryer L2000 A

60 pcs/baking process


Deep fryer LINIE 2000 E

sustainability of resources in perfection


Industrial continuous frying system IDA 1100-40

Up to 4,000 Berliner donuts / 8,000 donuts per hour

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Continuous open kettle fryer DLA 150-600SC

Crispy from the continuous deep fryer

Schnelles Backen mit Infrarottechnik

Infrared oven ITES

Delicious, fresher, faster with the ITES infrared oven

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Shop glazer system REVOLUTION

Glaze donuts quickly and perfectly

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Lye application machine RMBB

max 1,000 pcs/day


WP Automatic Loader

Automation for conveying the products into a plant



Robots for gripping or suction and conveying in baking processes


WP Scoring Robot

Automated scoring of dough pieces



54 m² freezer area on a footprint of only approx. 12 m²