Pretzel Lye Application

The lye application ALLROUND talent
  • patented lye shower
  • adjustable speed
  • closed leach tank

Lye application with ALLROUND
for optimal production processes

ALLROUND is the fastest lye application machine in its class and achieves daily output of 1500-4000 pieces, focusing on effective and efficient operation with maximum production output.

Patented lye shower and double lye curtain

For optimum lye application results, even at high production speeds


Extendible 200-litre lye tank

Adjustable heating prevents the lye temperature from dropping and ensures a nice, even lye pattern after baking

Optional: Salter with interchangeable container

the interchangeable containers make it possible to change quickly and easily between different sprinkling materials

Optional: Unloading belt

The discharge conveyor keeps the baking trays free of sprinkle toppings. In the current 2020 version, the drop height has been significantly reduced, which prevents the dough pieces from warping, especially in the case of pretzels.


Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

ALLROUND makes it possible to carry out efficient lye application processes for up to 400 sheets per hour

  1. Lye application process:
    • adjustable throughput speed
  2. Operation:
    • the lye level sensor warns if the lye level is too low
    • extendible lye tank
  3. Space saving:
    • after use, the infeed and outfeed trays can be folded down


up to 400 trays

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  • Speedy option: separate control of the infeed conveyor for maximum time saving and higher throughput
  • Unloading belt: keeps the baking trays free of sprinkling toppings
  • Salter: with interchangeable container

Data sheet

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For all types of pretzel pastries

Please consider your specific requirements when choosing the lye


Lye rolls





Mechanical lye application, fast and in highest quality


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