Berliners and donuts of the highest quality
– in craft bakeries and
semi-industrial production facilities

Producing Berliners and donuts

Produce delicious doughnuts with fat baking appliances from WP Riehle

What does the perfect Berliner and donut taste like?

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to the taste and visual design of Berliners and donuts. Exotic fillings, alternative doughs (vegan or gluten-free) and unusual toppings are all the rage. Despite countless variations, one demand is always the same: best taste with low fat content.



In the production of Berliners and donuts, the shape plays a key role. Traditional Donuts and Berliners should be perfectly round with a slightly curved surface.


A particularly fine porosity and smooth surface structure also distinguish the quality of Berliners and donuts.

Fat content

The right amount of fat is crucial when it comes to freshness and taste – good if you can control the fat intake.


Find the right machine for your production size

Our deep frying equipment provides you with optimum assistance in the production of delicious Berliners, donuts, etc. In our various series you will easily find the right machine for your requirements and production size. Many machines can be equipped with useful components that make your everyday life easier.

Small deep fryer for Berliners and Donuts

Ideal for baking demonstrations

The smallest compact deep fryer unit

The smallest compact unit

The inexpensive, manual deep fryer solution

The inexpensive, manual solution

Perfect quality thanks to automation

Perfect quality thanks to automation

The automatic deep fryer for the highest demands

The automatic deep fryer for the highest demands

Continuous submerge fryer for curd cheese dumplings, crullers and cake donuts

Continuous submerge fryer for curd cheese dumplings, crullers and cake donuts

Continuous open kettle fryers for donuts, Berliner donuts and cake donuts

Continuous open kettle fryers for donuts, Berliner donuts and cake donuts

Continuous open kettle fryers for up to 2,000 Berliners or 4,000 donuts per hour

Continuous open kettle fryers for up to 2,000 Berliners or 4,000 donuts per hour

Continuous open kettle fryers for up to 4,000 Berliners or 8,000 donuts per hour

Continuous open kettle fryers for up to 4,000 Berliners or 8,000 donuts per hour


Best service

We guarantee high quality of your end products, no matter whether you want to bake 20 donuts per baking process or 4000 donuts per hour.

Automatic or manual

From Linie 2000 onwards, various machine configurations can be selected. Decide on the level of automation that best supports you in  your everyday work. From automatic baking process and automatic filling to automatic unloading of the proofing chamber trolleys, many things are possible.
With increasing system size, the configuration possibilities also increase.


Our service includes delivery, installation and commissioning of the respective system. With our training programme we achieve comprehensive qualification of your employees. In an emergency our 24/7  service line is always available for you.

Upon request, we can also provide you with a  maintenance contract or the option of  all-round carefree rental.


All our deep fryers have digital temperature control. It guarantees precise temperature control.
We have deliberately selected to use heating coils immersed in the fat, as the advantages simply outweigh the disadvantages. The temperature can be kept more constant and corrected more quickly. The fat absorption by the products is thus kept to a necessary minimum.
Sediments accumulate underneath the heating coils and thus burn much less than with panel heating.

From Linie 2000 onwards, all machines also feature cycled heating, which prevents fat burning on the heating coils.

Thinking ahead

Of course you have the option to supplement your production line with components from other WP BAKERYGROUP members and benefit from the entire competence  from one source.

Scope of services

For best support, we offer you customized services packages. 
Delivery and installation of your system is always included.

Lowest fat absorption

With the WP RIEHLE heating system

Consistently high quality

You benefit from automated workflows from Linie 2000 onwards

Intelligent accessories

Add an integrated grease filter to your deep fryer from the 2000 line onwards

Only one contact person

Profit from the competence of the entire WP BAKERYGROUP


Only one point of contact

For a fully automatic line for the production of ring donuts and ball donuts


RIEHLE quality

We have years of experience in working with bakeries,  especially in the field of deep frying. Over the years, we have equipped our machines with various technologies, but we only kept the ones that have proven to be beneficial. Nowadays, we regularly update our equipment with the latest technology for increased comfort and massively reduced workload.

Einfaches und spritzfreies Wenden der Berliner

WP RIEHLE deep fryer

Perfekte Quarkbällchen mit der DLA 150

WP RIEHLE continuous open kettle fryer

The craft is important to us, which is why we also offer solutions for small businesses.
We will gladly help you decide which machine best suits your products and your desired production quantities.



WP Riehle  industrial continuous open kettle fryer


Die industrielle Durchlauffritteuse sorgt für hohe Stundenleistungen

Linie 2000A

The classic deep fryer

Fill and sugar donuts

Automated decorating/finishing

Delicate curd cheese dumplings

With the DLA

For large production volumes

Industrial continuous open kettle fryer IDA

WP Frying

Our sales staff will be happy to answer your questions about our solutions for ‘Berliner’ donuts and regular donuts.

Quality through optimal processes

How many donuts would you like to produce per hour?

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Feedback on the deep fryers:

Press article in the Austrian Bakers & Confectioners Newspaper

The carnival season begins in November and with it the doughnut season (Berliner season). In October 2023, the „Österreichische Bäcker & Konditor Zeitung“ (Austrian Bakers & Confectioners Newspaper) therefore published an article focussing on doughnut baking. Our L2000E deep fryer was presented here as a particularly energy-saving appliance.

Article on energy-saving fat baking

Heiner Münster, Jung Zeelandia

A pastry chef gives the tip for perfect cottage cheese balls

Cottage cheese balls are particularly popular in the cooler months of the year. But more and more customers are also paying attention to their health when snacking on sweet treats. Master confectioner Heiner Münster therefore relies on non-hydrogenated palm oil and the special production process of the DLA continuous deep fryer.

Read the article about how to produce perfect cottage cheese balls