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Customer feedback on the DLA (SC):

Heiner Münster, Jung Zeelandia

A pastry chef gives the tip for perfect cottage cheese balls

Cottage cheese balls are particularly popular in the cooler months of the year. But more and more customers are also paying attention to their health when snacking on sweet treats. Master confectioner Heiner Münster therefore relies on non-hydrogenated palm oil and the special production process of the DLA continuous deep fryer.

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Restaurant Lindenhof in Altstätten

World record with the DLA: Around 60 kilos of meat topped with ham and Appenzeller cheese, 30 kilos of breadcrumbs and 300 eggs: the host of the Swiss restaurant Lindenhof and his team processed this impressive quantity of ingredients to create the world's longest cordon bleu. The masterpiece was baked in the DLA continuous fryer from WP Riehle.

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Feedback on the deep fryers:

Press article in the Austrian Bakers & Confectioners Newspaper

The carnival season begins in November and with it the doughnut season (Berliner season). In October 2023, the „Österreichische Bäcker & Konditor Zeitung“ (Austrian Bakers & Confectioners Newspaper) therefore published an article focussing on doughnut baking. Our L2000E deep fryer was presented here as a particularly energy-saving appliance.

Article on energy-saving fat baking