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New oppertunities!
Investieren Sie in Ihren neuen Mitarbeiter, einen Roboter

New technology

New technologies create new oppertunities. The segment of robots, the technology and the spread of possible applications are growing. The food industry also benefits from this in many sectors. The area of application of collaborative robots is vast and they can be used without barriers. 

Thanks to the flexibility, the possibilites are nearly unlimited. For example, robots can be used for loading and unloading the machines, cutting or tray handling.


A reliable solution for manual work

What does WP Robot offer?

A possibility for every requirement

The application area of robotics is vast, and they can be used in different branches of the food industry.

Our presented solutions are to be considered as concepts. The possibilities go far beyond the examples shown.



Tray supply and discharge in combination with a machine

Arbeitsschritte automatisieren mit Robotern

The tray trolleys or stacked trolleys with empty baking trays are placed at the unloading stations. The empty trays are removed and placed on a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt transports the empty trays underneath the deposit belt of a running machine, and transmits a full tray to the loading station. 
The second robot takes the full baking trays from the conveyor belt and places them into an empty proofing trolley. 
Further automated steps, e.g. automatic proofing trolley supply and removal are possible.

Cutting with a delta robot

Präzises Einschneiden von Brezeln, Laugenbrötchen und Co.

Pretzels, pretzel sticks, bread rolls and baguettes can be provided with different patterns. The dough pieces are recognized by a 3D camera system. 
The cutting itself can be done with ultrasound, rotating knives or water jet.


The so called delta robots (e.g. cutting systems) and articulated robots (e.g. tray handling) are the most important for the food production. Particularly the articulated arm robots can be flexibly used in a wide variety of industiral sectors.
Our main application is tray handling. The robot can perform a variety of movements that are required for different tasks.

A robot can perform simple tasks such as moving trays. The process chain is staff independent and reliable.

Emptying of baking trays with a robot

Mit Robotern ergeben sich viele neue Möglichkeiten

After baking, the trolleys are taken to the unloading station by means of a conveyor belt. The full trays are removed by the robot, and the products are slid onto a conveyor belt. Before the trays are put back into the trolley, the trays are cleaned at a cleaning station.

The hourly output can account for 4 trays per minute. Other services are possible.

Peelboard loader

Der Laderoboter kann in verschiedene Produktionslinien integriert werden

Peelboards with proofed products are removed from the trolley, crawled off and put back in the trolley.

Customized robotic solutions

In cooperation with you, our team implements your individual robotic solutions in all sectors.

Thinking further

Of course, you have the option to add components from the other WP BAKERYGROUP members to your production line, and therfore benefit from the entire knowledge acquired from one source.

Emptifying of baking trays with 2 robots

Doppelte Kapazität mit zwei Robotern

The trolleys are placed at 4 unloading stations after the baking process. The full trays are removed by the robot, and the products are slid onto a conveyor belt. Before the trays are put back in the trolley, the trays are cleaned at a cleaning station.

The hourly output can account for 8 trays per minute. Other services are possible.

Simplify processes

Manual steps can be automated


Staff independent processes


The application possibilities are nearly unlimited


Depending on the application, collaborative robots can be used without any protection zone


Our service includes the delivery, installation and set-up of the device. We provide technical training for your staff in order to ensure the best qualification of your employees. In case of trouble shooting, we are always available for you with our Serviceline 24/7.

Scope of services

In order to render you a full support, we offer individually designed scopes of services. 


Quality by RIEHLE

Our goal is to advance you technically. Time is running faster, and life is getting more digitalized. This makes a big impact, especially on the craft.
For this reason, we would like to make your everyday work easier, and so we work at solutions that support you in your everyday life.

Different companies have different requirement. This makes robotics a sector, in which we mainly rely on individual solutions.

Der Schneideroboter ist mit einem Kamerasystem ausgestattet, das die Schnittposition ermittelt

WP RIEHLE cutting robot

Kollaborative Roboter können platzsparend eingesetzt werden

WP RIEHLE tray handling

We would be happy to work with you to find out a solution that suits your requirements and needs in the best way, so you can pay your attentiion to more important things.



WP RIEHLE tray supply
and discharge


Viele Schritte im Blechhandling können einfach mit Robotern abgebildet werden



COMJET Peelboard

With peelboard robot

Be- und Entladen

Einer Belaugungsmaschine ALLROUND


In Produktionslinien

Arbeitsschritte automatisieren mit Robotern

Tray handling

With robots


Hier in Verbindung mit einer Linie 2000 Vario

Einschneiden mit Roboter

Mit Deltarobotern können z.B. Brezeln, Laugenbrötchen und Laugenstangen mit entsprechenden Schnittmustern versehen werden


Our sales representative will gladly answer your questions about robotics solutions.

Successful with reliable

robotic solutions

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