Producing perfect cottage cheese balls

Pastry tip for perfect cottage cheese balls / quark balls

Fat biscuits are particularly popular in the colder months of the year. But more and more customers are also paying attention to their health when snacking on sweet treats. Master confectioner Heiner Münster therefore relies on non-hydrogenated palm oil and the special production process of the DLA continuous deep-fat fryer.


The best deep fryer

Heiner Münster's tasks at Jung Zeelandia, one of the leading manufacturers of baking agents and baking ingredients, include testing new developments and baking new baked goods as samples for customer presentations. He has been relying on the DLA continuous fryer for fat baked goods since 2009. "With the DLA, we achieve quark balls with a very attractive appearance and browning that are always of a consistently high quality, while reducing the frying time by 40 %," concludes the master pastry chef. Thanks to the special technique of submerged frying, the DLA continuous deep fryer produces a completely sealed pastry with hardly any fat penetrating. Another advantage: moisture cannot escape through the closed pores, so the quark balls / cottage cheese balls stay fresh for a long time.

Master confectioner Heiner Münster
 Frying quark balls correctly

The perfect oil for deep-frying

Heiner Münster only uses unhydrogenated palm oil for frying. "This avoids the risk of allergens, such as peanut fat, and significantly fewer of the trans fatty acids that are unhealthy for the human body are formed than with hydrogenated fat," he explains. This is an important criterion, especially for large-scale producers that supply food retailers.


Continuous fryer for quark balls

The DLA conveyor systems for submerged, automatic frying of products such as quark balls / cottage cheese balls are available in different sizes. The products can be introduced directly into the hot fat using a dosing unit, they are automatically fed through the fryer at specific intervals for a variable period of time (depending on the customer's requirements) and, after the frying process, are automatically and gently transferred to an optional product tray or, for example, to a sugar turntable.

More about the continuous fryer DLA

Continuous fryer for quark balls / cottage cheese balls

Accessories for making quark balls

Automatic dosing

[Translate to Englisch:] WP Riehle Dosierer für Quarkbällchen

For the production of quark balls, we recommend a fixed or moving depositor to utilise the full fryer width.

Cross distribution belt

[Translate to Englisch:] Querfverteilung für gefüllte Quarkbällchen

For filled quark balls / cottage cheese balls, a cross-distribution belt can be used for single-row transfer from a moulding machine and multi-row transfer to the continuous fryer.

Sugar turntable

[Translate to Englisch:] Zuckerdrehteller für Quarkbällchen

A sugar turntable can be attached to the connection on the continuous deep fryer to add sugar to the quark balls / cottage cheese balls.


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Production of cottage cheese balls with a DLA

WP Riehle DLA 150-2

Baking trial at Jung Zeelandia with spritz cakes, doughnuts and more

WP Riehle DLA 150

Production of filled cottage cheese balls with a DLA

WP Riehle DLA 300-2
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