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Press article in the Austrian Bakers & Confectioners Newspaper about WP Riehle

The carnival season begins in November and with it the doughnut season (Berliner season). In October 2023, the „Österreichische Bäcker & Konditor Zeitung“ (Austrian Bakers & Confectioners Newspaper) therefore published an article focussing on doughnut baking. Our L2000E deep fryer was presented here as a particularly energy-saving appliance.

Saving energy when baking Berliners

WP Riehle is focussing on saving resources with the new L 2000 Energy line of deep fryers and is setting the bar high. Equipped with an insulated oil tub base and side walls as well as a tightly fitting volume lid, the appliances can minimise radiation losses and thus the overall heat loss. The results are impressive: Almost 50% energy are saved during heating, and up to 25% are saved during baking and waiting times!

Reducing the oil tub volume from 50 to 40 litres also means that less energy is required for heating. All this leads to a more efficient use of energy and an enormous increase in efficiency. The volume of fat required has been reduced from 49 litres to 40 because a digital heating control system is installed, which reduces the fat absorption of the products and leads to less fat burning thanks to the timed heating. This also ensures a longer service life for the fat. There are also considerable savings to be made on materials!

deep fryer Linie 2000 Energy
Vario station Linie 2000 Energy

The innovations made to the deep fryers also halve the waiting time for heating. This results in a further positive plus point: greater machine availability for staff, which is certainly very interesting in times of a shortage of skilled labour. The use of Vario and Trio stations can also shorten working distances and waiting times. This means that staff resources can also be utilised more efficiently! Another plus point in terms of operation: the appliances have been designed with an ergonomic working height of 91.5 cm.

In addition to resource-saving production, the Linie 2000 Energy also scores points in other areas. The tightly fitting WP Riehle steam lid ensures a larger volume of baked goods with the same weight. Precise temperature control and the resulting lower fat absorption make the products lighter and more digestible.


Consistent baking quality can be guaranteed thanks to the individually programmable baking programmes via computer control. All connected system components can be controlled via the baking program, giving the manufacturing company the flexibility to optimise work processes. All baking parameters and the settings of all connected devices for filling, sugaring, powdering and the sugar turntable are stored centrally in the respective baking programme. This ensures consistent quality every time - and prevents rejects and returns.

Line 2000 Energy with touch panel control
Control of all components
Österreichische Bäcker & Konditor Zeitung on the subject of fat baking
Österreichische Bäcker & Konditor Zeitung on the subject of saving energy when baking fat
Österreichische Bäcker & Konditor Zeitung on the subject of Linie 2000 Energy

Energy saving like never before

What makes the LINIE 2000 E so special?

Sustainability of resources in perfection

Deep fryer Linie 2000 Energy
WP Frying

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Quality through optimised processes

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