Fried products
Mini 20

The smallest, fully equipped deep fry device
Das kleinste Kompaktgerät
  • integrated proofing chamber
  • Turning basket with proofing trays
  • digital heating control

The perfect solution for small production

Ideal for the production of smaller quantities. With the integrated, closed proofing chamber and the 2-litre water tank, the Mini 20 is ready-to-go and can be used practically anywhere. All important features of larger units are available in a small space and make work extremely easy, even in small productions.

Digital heating control

for exact temperature control


Tightly closing steam blanket 

Mounted on the unit for larger donut/pastry volumes

Integrated proofing chamber

Is closed at the bottom and has  8 shelves



Turning basket for turning in grease and  8 proofing trays

Compact design

full performance with full equipment on
approx. 1 qm


Das kleinste Kompaktgerät

Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

Small, compact and fully equipped

  1. Handling:
    • Flexible in use due to stable castors and integrated proofing chamber not fixed in place
  2. Hygiene:
    • fast and tool-free cleaningn
  3. Energy saving:
    • Heating coils directly in the fat for  faster  heat exchange
  4. Design
    • solid and durable stainless steel construction
  5. Safty
    • equipped with a safety thermostat, prevents grease fires in case of malfunction
  6. Quality
    • Made in Germany

Per baking process

20 pieces

Time saving and low personnel deployment

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  • flat baking basket
  • baking basket with dipping lid
  • manual or electrical dosing device for wall or table mounting
  • exhaust hood

Data sheet

english (USA)

For all types of donuts

Consistently higher product quality with less work input


Cake Donuts




Floating frying of ‘Berliner’ donuts, donuts, curd cheese dumplings, and much more.


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