Fried products
DLA 660

Automated deep frying with the DLA 660 Donutmaster
DLA 660 Donut-Fritteuse
  • Uniform frying results
  • consistent quality
  • Low fat absorption

Ideal for the production of donuts and ‘Berliner’ donuts

The DLA 660 is the largest in the series of continuous open kettle fryers and can be described as a preliminary stage to the industrial continuous open kettle fryers.


Separate cloth feeding table for manual loading using polyester cloths. The dough pieces are automatically transferred to the deep fryer; the cloths and rods are collected under the table.


Automatic dosage

Traversing, facilitating use of the full fryer width, for the production  of crullers, cake-donuts, etc.

Turning insert

Optionally available with one or two turns.



Optional: Drain filter

For comprehensive grease care and longer grease life

Collecting basket

With sugar tray for direct sugar coating of ‘Berliner’ or standard donuts


Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

For large craft production

  1. Product quality:
    • consistent product quality through 7 storable programs
  2. Heating:
    • the digital heating control ensures a constant temperature and thus lower fat absorption
    • Heating coils directly in the grease for lower power consumption
    • the heating coils in the fat allow more precise temperature control  due to faster reaction possibilities thanks to direct heat exchange
    • clocked heating to prevent fat burns on the heating coils
    • no burning of sediments at the bottom of the fat tray thanks to cold zone technology
  3. Cleaning:
    • easy cleaning thanks to tool-free removal of the transport unit, heating coils and control unit

Per baking process

The capacity per hour depends on the product and plant size as well as the corresponding frying time

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  • Cloth feeding table can be removed and replaced with an automatic dispensing unit
  • upon request also available with two turns

Data sheet

english (USA)

For all types of donuts

for cake-donuts, donuts, ‘Berliner’ donuts and crullers



Cake Donuts


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