Tray cleaning

Tray cleaning at the highest level
Reinigung aller herkömmlichen Backbleche, schnell und hygienisch
  • supports HACCP concept
  • no accumulation of dirt
  • no bending of the sheets

Efficient wet cleaning of all common sheets

The Multi-Clean sheet metal washing machine has three zones in which the sheets are hygienically cleaned and dried in a continuous process. The cleaning principle with brushes and hot water not only ensures clean sheets but also supports your HACCP concept.

Long service life

The use of plastic brushes in combination with hot water increases the service life of the sheets and the brushes.


Intuitive touch control

The touch control is resistant to water, dirt and oil. All components are controlled via the user interface, which also allows you to select the various washing programs.

Optional: Lubrication

The recirculation can be enhanced with a lubrication unit. The sheets are lubricated by spraying; the suction unit takes up the excess oil mist. The lubrication unit is equipped with sensors that start and stop lubrication automatically as needed. The corresponding oil quantity and pressure parameters can be configured in the cleaning program.



Air Blades

The sheets are dried by an air blower.

Return conveyor

Due to the return conveyor, the sheet washing machine can be operated by only one person, as the sheets are placed and removed at the same place.


Performance, maximum benefit and modular options


Clean, dry and oiled trays in one step

  1. Scope of application:
    • Suitable for all types of sheet metal with a rim height of up to 25 mm, rimless, 2 rim, 3 rim, 4 rim, closed and perforated trays
  2. Maintenance:
    • accumulation of dirt is prevented by the rotating brushes
  3. Sustainability:
    • the built-in water tank and the contamination sensor ensure that water and cleaning agent are dosed according to requirements


up to 600 trays

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  • Sheet metal lubrication (KEG system)
  • Return conveyor
  • Tray trolley

Data sheet


The sheet metal washing machine for all common baking and perforated trays

Multi-Clean guarantees hygienic and efficient cleaning of all common types of sheet metal.

Reliable, hygienic and efficient cleaning

Warum eine Blechwaschmaschine Sinn macht


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