Pretzel Lye Application

High-quality lye application for craft bakery
  • closed lye tank
  • mechanical lye application
  • small space requirement

Efficiency for the medium production segment

The RMBB is the fastest of its size and is suitable for a daily production quantity of 800-1000 pieces. The compact and robust design was designed for easy cleaning and high-level mobility.

Patented lye shower and double lye curtain

for an optimal and uniform lye application result and  low space requirement


The lye tank heating

Prevents the lye temperature from dropping and ensures that the dough piece absorbs the lye evenly


infinitely variable brush salter for uniform salting of the products



Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

With the RMBB, even small quantities can be perfectly covered with lye

  1. Control system:
    • reliable computer control for variable product speed
  2. Cleaning and maintenance:
    • the unit is easy to clean; the motor and pump are maintenance-free
  3. Space requirement:
    • the infeed table can be removed; the outfeed table can be folded down for minimum space requirements


800-1000 pcs.

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  • Sprinkling device with brush roller

Data sheet

english (USA)

For all types of pretzel pastries

Please consider your specific requirements when choosing the lye



Lye rolls


Mechanical lye application for products of all kinds.


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