Der automatische Lader spart kostbare Arbeitszeit

Pretzel Lye Application

Automated lye application
Der automatische Lader spart kostbare Arbeitszeit
  • fully automated process
  • adjustable track speed
  • patented lye shower

Lye application for larger projects

The loading robot opens up a new dimension of lye application. An hourly throughput of approx. 300 sheets per hour can be achieved with less personnel. This means that you achieve much higher efficiency.

Feeding via loading robot

The Comjet takes the dough pieces fully automated from the proofing/feeding system trolley via the dough dispensers or peelboards. This helps you achieve maximum efficiency with low personnel costs.


Control system

All functions and components of the Comjet are centrally controlled via the robust glass touch panel.

Patented lye shower with two additional lye curtains

For optimal lye application results, regardless of the production speed



Lye tank

The extendible lye tank can be selected with a capacity of 180 or 250 litres. The lye tank is equipped with a level sensor and a lye heating system to ensure constant lye temperature and best lye application results.


the Comjet can be supplemented with a subsequent robot cutting system

Präzises Einschneiden von Brezeln, Laugenbrötchen und Co.

Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

Fully automatic lye application for highest efficiency

  1. Production process:
    • fully automatic lye application process for approx. 300 sheets per hour with only one worker
  2. Individual workload Capacity:
    • adjustable belt speed for individual production adjustment
  3. Evaluation:
    • extensive evaluation possibilities of the electronic control system


up to 300 trays per hour

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  • Speedy option: separate control of the infeed conveyor for maximum time saving and higher throughput
  • Peelboard option

Data sheet

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For all types of pretzel pastries

Please consider your specific requirements when choosing the lye


Lye rolls




The new peelboard loader


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