Instore baking

Delicious, fresher, faster with the ITES infrared oven
Schnelles Backen mit Infrarottechnik
  • low liquid loss
  • guarantees better taste
  • long-lasting freshness

More flexibility and time savings through infrared baking

ITES by WP Riehle is an oven developed and manufactured in Germany that combines the advantages of a conventional oven with the latest infrared technology. With these and other well thought-out details, the ITES oven can accelerate production processes by up to 70%. 

The oven is specifically designed to bake pre-baked, frozen baked goods. Ideal for pretzels, baguettes, pizza slices and many other small snacks.

Patented infrared technology

Depending on the product, the baking time can be reduced by up to 70% by infrared baking. The products are baked from the inside out; the end product contains more moisture and accordingly stays fresh longer.



Operation is intuitive via a touch panel. The control system offers the option to store  50 individual  baking programs.

Optional: Salter

Lye products can be thawed and automatically sprinkled with salt before baking. To do this, the products are taken out of the oven and put back in after salting. This process is stored in the baking program and runs fully automatically.


Optional: Shop solution

The ITES oven can be connected to a self-service system. It is used as a tunnel oven, and after baking the products are transferred to an output rack

Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

The extreme reduction in baking time enables flexible response to customer demand

  1. Flexibility:
    • huge reduction of reaction times 
    • Thawing/defrosting in the oven possible
    • available in different sizes

The number of products per hour depends on the size of the machine and the product to be baked

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  • Salter
  • Mini-Shop-System

Data sheet

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For various snacks

The ITES is suitable for a variety of frozen and deep-frozen snacks

Kaiser rolls


Apple pie pocket





Baking products faster and more sustainably


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