Efficient crullers production

Filled with fruit, creme, with apricot jam frosting or glazed, colorfully decorated with sprinkles or stripes: imagination knows no boundaries when it comes to crullers. Originally from East Germany, the fat-baked pastry also known as “donut of the East” has become increasingly popular in the West. More and more bakeries are adding the richly varied sweet pastry to their product range not only during carnival time – especially since it can be easily, reliably and quickly produced with the DLA.

Crullers are made of choux pastry. Instead of time-consuming portioning of the elaborately produced dough with a pastry bag, this is done much faster and more consistently in the DLA 150-600. Because dosing in the continuous deep fryer is automatic, more gentle and maintains the lovely consistency of the choux pastry. Moreover, the weight is always the same and consequently all crullers have the same size. This cannot be achieved by hand.

The DLA 150-600 pays off even for smaller businesses, because it makes work significantly more efficient. The crullers are practically produced on the side. Apart from filling the dough and removing the finished crullers, nothing needs to be done manually any longer.

The DLA 150-600 guarantees best-quality frying results. This is because the continuous deep fryer transports the product continuously floating, keeps the temperature constant at all times thanks to the digital heating control, and turns the crullers at the optimum time.

 It takes only a few steps to convert the DLA 150-600 to achieve even more product diversity. Simply exchange insert and head, and quark balls can be submerged and deep-fried. Here too, the special DLA 150-600 procedure ensures best quality: Consistently browned quark balls with little fat absorption and long-lasting freshness.
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