Baker’s tip: Slit rolls like handmade

Bread rolls are very popular in Germany. On average, every German eats about 15 kg of bread rolls per year. Depending on the region and shape, the small bakery item has many different names. While round “Wecken” and “Semmel” bread rolls prevail in the South, the classic slit roll is the ultimate discipline for artisan bakers in the North and central Germany. The long-rolled dough pieces can be produce with the PANE mechanically and in high quality.

What makes a good slit roll? At first glance: appearance. This includes beautiful browning, a not too sharp crust break, and a perfect shape. In addition, customers appreciate above all the typical good taste of a very soft and long dough resting time.


Gentle conditioning

We have developed a new patented process for the PANE dough strip system to perfect preserve excellent taste. This is achieved through particularly gentle conditioning, during which the dough strands pass through the roller frame from top to bottom in a natural and unstrained way. All the flavors remain in the dough for an excellent aroma.

Like hand-moulded

Thanks to the newly developed long-moulding module, slit rolls can now also be produced without proofing cabinet. The special moulding principle of this module allows for optimum tension distribution in long-moulded dough pieces. The movements are as gentle as the manual work of a baker.

Slit in the middle

For a beautiful crust break, the PANE cutting station subsequently slits exactly in the middle. This production step is thus efficiently and in artisan quality carried out by machine as well.

Sending you best regards from the bakehouse

Thomas Hesse
Master baker