iba Award for the THERMADOR TH tunnel oven

The iba Award is an innovation award for world firsts that are presented to the public for the first time at the world's leading trade fair for the baking industry. The THERMADOR TH thermal-oil-heated tunnel oven received the coveted award for the innovative idea of intelligently combining well-known technologies and thus achieving a new level of quality and technology.

The new THERMADOR TH is a thermal-oil-heated system that combines constant radiant heat with true convective turbulence. The innovation lies in the unique combination of a continuous tunnel oven with thermal oil heating and true vertical turbulence of convective heat transfer.

Member of the jury Professor Dr. Thomas Becker from the Technical University of Munich praised the THERMADOR TH as "highlight of German engineering" and congratulated Dieter Knost, Managing Director of Werner & Pfleiderer Industrielle Backtechnik, engineer Ulrich Speck and company owner Jürgen Horstmann on the innovation at the award ceremony. "Our motivation is to develop highly efficient technology for our customers enabling them to produce the greatest possible variety of baking items of the highest quality," said Jürgen Horstmann, Managing Director of the WP BAKERYGROUP.

This year the panel of experts had to choose from 50 submissions to the iba Award, 17 of which reached the pre-selection stage. During inspection visits at the trade fair, these submissions were put through their paces by the high-caliber jury and the information was critically questioned. Only six solutions convinced and were chosen as prize winners.