Experimental space for the baking academy

The Akademie des bayrischen Bäckerhandwerks has invested EUR 15 million to renovate its rich-in-tradition educational institution at the Lochham location. An annex with a floor space of almost 5,000 square meters and the modernized existing building were inaugurated only recently. What's new is the so called “experimental space” so far no other crafts school can call its own.

As much as 6,000 master bakers have already been educated at the state-approved school for master bakers in Germany. The educational opportunities of the academy, however, go far beyond that. Experts from all over the world come to Lochham in order to enhance and refresh their knowledge, and in the experimental space they can now do this in a very special manner. The space has been equipped for testing and demonstration purposes with various machines and systems which are exchanged regularly and fitted by different manufacturers. WP Bakery Technologies exclusively presented the WP SELECTA MODULAR roll baking system and the WP MATADOR Colour Edition instore baking oven at the official inauguration.

Following the official ceremony, the first seminar immediately started in the experimental space. This was jointly organized by the academy and WP Bakery Technologies on the topic of “Roll Baking Systems – the right-hand man of artisan bakers”. The participants produced various long-maturing smalled bakery items using the SELECTA MODULAR with recipes provided by the baker’s school. Not only a typical roll dough with a yield of 150 was processed, but also multi-grain dough and special soft dough, for example for potato rolls, with a yield of 165 to 170.

Round or long, cut or stamped, with or without seeds. The times when a roll baking system could only produce “ordinary” rolls are long since over. The many variations were then baked in the MATADOR STORE Colour Edition and sampled by the participants. Their unanimous opinion: The SELECTA MODULAR produces classic small bakery items from the South of Germany as if by master baker's hand.