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Elementary school students visit WP Technikum technology center in Dinkelsbühl

Children from the Segringen elementary school in Dinkelsbühl spent an afternoon at the Werner & Pfleiderer Technikum. The project was entitled "From Crumb to Bread".

The girls and boys first learned lots of interesting facts about the various types of grain, how they are grown, the processing of the grain in the mills and the craft of bread and roll-making.

The most exciting part of the visit to the center for the children was when they were allowed to do some baking themselves. With expert guidance from a WP master baker they eagerly set about the task.

There was much evidence of enthusiastic dough kneading, skillful twisting of pretzels and competent operation of the SELECTA MODULAR roll system.

The children were especially impressed by the size of the WP MATADOR production deck oven. The young bakers ended the day by sampling some of the delicious bakery products and proudly headed off home with the items they had made themselves.