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135th Anniversary - WP Special Edition – Tradition with Future

On the occasion of its 135th anniversary, WP BAKERYGROUP would like to thank its customers by offering a special gift. The dough dividers QUADRO FILIUS and PARTA U, the baking system FORMPROFI for formed baked goods and the ALLROUND lye applicator are all available fully equipped at Südback 2014 as a “Special Edition” and at an attractive price. The limited edition is embellished with the golden WP eagle and will be presented at WP's stand (hall 1, number E51) in the special edition area. Another highlight is the forward-looking product line GREEN, which will be introduced by WP in accordance with the stand’s motto "Tradition with Future". This product line comprises energy-saving technologies such as the baking cabinet ROTOTHERM GREEN and the in-store baking oven MATADOR STORE Green. Our staff from the WP GREEN division will be available to let you know all about energy efficiency which has turned into an important subject these days. There will be interactive visualizations and demonstrations of measuring data in real time to show the energy savings that bakeries can achieve when using an individual heat recovery concept.

Green range by WP
  • The new ROTOTHERM GREEN provides the highest baking quality with 25% less energy consumption. This is achieved with an intelligent concept: The temperature inside the oven is precisely maintained at the required level during the entire baking process. This minimizes energy losses and therefore saves energy that up to now has disappeared unused through the chimney. The secret is a new, highly effective heat exchanger. With this unit, the baking cabinet needs less energy; the connected load of the burner can also be reduced - another plus in terms of efficiency. Furthermore, the ROTOTHERM GREEN is fully insulated using the WP THERMOPACKAGE which amongst others features a completely thermally insulated baking cabinet floor. Altogether, these features turn the new ROTOTHERM GREEN into a real energy saver that consumes up to 25% less energy than its predecessor model.
  • Saving energy and still baking batch after batch - this can be carried out best of all in the MATADOR STORE GREEN. Featuring a lower connected load, an intelligent oven control, improved insulation and a highly efficient high performance steaming apparatus, the MDS Green saves much more energy than common in-store baking ovens. This all reduces the risks of electricity peaks and with that higher electricity rates in the store when all electrical devices are in operation at the same time.

The 135 Year Special Edition
  • Bread dough divider PARTA U Special Edition fulfills the motto “Simplicity is more” in three ways: simple operation, simple cleaning and simple access. These three features combined with a large weight range and high performance rate make the operation of this dough divider convenient and effective for bakeries of any size. With PARTA U almost any type of dough can be processed with the highest weight precision and gentle handling. This machine is also suitable for batters with a hydration of between 75 and 90%.
  • The roll dough divider QUADRO FILIUS Special Edition can even be used in smaller bakeries for the production of appealing products including rustic rolls. This machine has a footprint of just one square meter and requires a simple 230 V power connection. As a standard model, it is used for the automatic make-up of square rolls; optionally it can also produce triangles, diamonds, ciabatta or dough confections (15-90g). Using the QUADRO FILIUS Tattoo Creator , any art design such as a bakery logo or a seasonal symbol can be uploaded online. An individualized stamp is then produced that can be used for rolls with an individual imprint for marketing purposes.
  • The ALLROUND Special Edition has a lye application performance of up to 400 baking sheets per hour. It operates efficiently and delivers the highest quality. This performance makes this machine the fastest lye applicator in its class available on the market. The caustic solution is applied fully automatically via a unique spray application unit with two additional waterfall-type applicators. The spraying technology allows a larger amount of lye to be applied onto the dough piece. Despite the high speed, the result is always perfect, no spots, no streaks, no bubbles.
  • The FORMPROFI Special Edition is a real space saver. Because of the integrated dough divider, this high performance baking system for formed baked goods has a length of only 2.60 m; it has only one service side and is thus perfect for smaller bakeries with less space. Products made on the FORMPROFI include Kaiser rolls, smooth round rolls and several other formed rolls. Operating with five rows, the machine has an hourly capacity of 4,000 pieces. The standard weight range is between 40 and 65 g per piece.

Other exhibits at the WP stand
  • Linie 2000A is a fully automatic open kettle fryer where the dough pieces are inserted into the frying basket from swing pan trays without felt. The steam cover closes at the push of a button thus facilitating volume development of the dough pieces. The automatic filler also operates highly efficiently. After the frying process, the doughnuts are transported to the filling station via a discharge belt. The filling station detects the doughnut and automatically fills it with jam, crème or any other delicious filling. Next, the filled product can be sprinkled with sugar or passed on to an icing unit.
  • For six decades, the deck oven MATADOR with its ZYKLOTHERM heating system has been the mother-of-all traditional deck ovens enabling the baker to achieve consistently high baking results. At Südback, this legendary oven will be presented with a stone lining. With this traditional baking process, artisan bakers can produce premium products in an efficient way. The baked goods will stand out from their industrially produced counterparts.
  • With its proven three zone mixing and kneading system, the roll-out spiral mixer PRESIDENT produces elastic dough that can be easily further processed. According to WP’s hygiene concept CleanTec, the design of the PRESIDENT mixer ensures hassle-free compliance with the highest hygiene standards in the daily baking process. All surfaces are smooth and ergonomically shaped thus preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris. Upon request, the vessels can be equipped with scrapers that additionally clean the inside walls. Wet cleaning of the vessels is optimized by a drain screw; once opened, all liquid residues simply flow out.
The WP stand at Südback 2014 is in Hall 1, Number E 51.