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First WP Bread Baking Seminar at the Customer Forum in Dinkelsbühl

Baking on a stone hearth or with stone lining? This was the key question discussed at the first WP Bread Baking Seminar in Dinkelsbühl. Using the WP MATADOR deck oven, twenty bakers tested over two days the benefits of both baking technologies and their effect on the quality of various kinds of baked goods.

Quality-conscious consumers pay huge esteem to products baked in a stone oven. The Bread Baking Seminar showed how many traditional variants can be produced in a modern stone baking oven such as the WP MATADOR. In this oven, bakeries can make products with extraordinary properties and quality that stand out from competition. The best way to produce the best products is to use an oven with equipment that fits the individual products range, for example the WP MATADOR with stone hearths or the WP MATADOR STONE that is completely lined with stone plates. The seminar participants tested both variants of the deck oven with many varieties of baked goods.

The difference between a stone hearth and a complete stone lining is the high heat storage capacity of the stone lining in the WP MATADOR STONE oven. After loading, the baking is only carried out with the heat radiated from the stone lining. Here the products pick up more energy right from the beginning. They develop a strong, crisp crust, large volume and a moist freshness that is retained for a prolonged time. These are all characteristic features appreciated by bakers that want to produce above-average rye bread, very large bread loaves and Mediterranean style baked goods.

As a supplement to the baking demonstrations, the seminar also included lectures on vacuum cooling with the high performance VACUSPEED cooling chamber as well as on production lines for rolls and in-store baking ovens. The participants also used the opportunity for technical discussions and exchanging of information with WP’s experts. Following the success of this first seminar, WP is planning further technical events on specific topics at the WP Customer Forum in Dinkelsbühl. Bakers interested in participating should contact their WP representative, call WP Bakery Technologies at +49 9851 9050 or send an email at for further information.