Concepts for maximum hygiene

The pressure exerted on industrially producing bakeries is growing, as the food trade is placing ever more stringent demands on hygiene in the production process. Which is why the WP BAKERYGROUP builds its machine in accordance with the CleanTec concept, and develops innovative materials such as Sour Resistant (SR). Axel Wagner, Key Account Manager at WP Haton, explains how this helps achieve highest hygiene standards while extending the technology’s service life.

Mister Wagner, increased hygiene through technology. How does this work?

The correlation is quite simply. The easier it is to clean the machine, the easier it is for bakeries to ensure a high level of cleanliness on a daily basis. We achieve this with the WP CleanTec concept. It means building machines in such a way that dirt cannot deposit in the first place. Wherever it cannot be avoided, components are designed so that dirt is clearly detectable and easy to remove.

What is problematic when cleaning?

Cleaning a machine from the inside with water is the easiest and most hygienic way. However, this may cause the formation of rust, which is most certainly not compatible with high hygiene requirements. We have therefore developed SR, a high-quality material that is absolutely rustproof. We are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer an industrial dough divider with SR dividing chamber.

Are there any more advantages?

The heart of every dough divider, for example the V 700 SR CleanTec, is its dividing chamber. If this is made up of SR material, it is resistant to acidic, sweet and aggressive ingredients. The service life is at minimum doubled when compared to conventional dividing chambers. Lower levels of wear also mean much lower oil consumption, which guarantees high weight accuracy over a long period of time.

What are the specific benefits of CleanTec construction?

In practice, CleanTec is evident in many well thought-out details. Technically it is often a tiny detail, but in terms of hygiene it is a big leap, such as completely extendable belts that can be cleaned with splash water in the scullery.  Another example are the nickel-plated, completely closed steel machine frames, which prevent water and vermin from penetrating. The cable ducts, however, are open, so that dirt can be immediately spotted and easily cleaned away. Moreover, the measuring and primary piston can be removed from the dividing chamber without tools, and the measuring piston has a convenient quick-lock mechanism. This is how hygiene works simply and at a high level.