• 17.12.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    This was your year 2013 with WP

    Whether it was Rimini or Kiev, the latest technology or a 60th anniversary: There were many highlights that we are delighted to look back on.

  • 06.12.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    No give-away dough

    Are you adding a few grams to every dough piece just because the dough divider is not operating properly? If so, this is going to be expensive! The new Blue Value Weight Watch service can demonstrate how much dough you are actually giving away.

  • 20.11.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Südback impressions

    Innovative and well proven bakery technology inspired numerous visitors at the WP stand. Our Südback video shows the highlights. Just take a look!

  • 29.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    A world’s first: PreciBake® introduces the virtual baker at Südback

    The virtual baker prevents common errors during baking and always meets the previously defined quality specifications of the respective bakery.

  • 23.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    ROTOTHERM® Ee: The energy efficient baking cabinet for ‘BetterBakers’

    The same high baking quality but using 25% less energy! This is made possible with the new ROTOTHERM® Ee.

  • 24.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Artisan mixer delivers excellent dough quality

    For Joachim Burkhart from the bakery school in Stuttgart, mixing and kneading is one of the most important processing stages. He feels very confident that the spiral mixer SP 75 can deliver.

  • 25.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Baker’s tip: Savory bread for cooler days

    Full of taste and with a hearty crust: Visitors enjoyed the Oberländer bread freshly baked during Südback at the WP stand.

  • 21.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    The success story: 60 years of the MATADOR

    In our jubilee book, the history of MATADOR is coming to life with recollections and photographs and with personal experiences and innovative technical development.

  • 19.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Indulgent breads baked on stone

    Large bread loaves, each weighing 4 pounds, are a specialty of Master Baker Jürgen Trölsch. He bakes them in a Matador oven with a stone lining.

  • 19.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    New at Südback - Multimatic

    Multimatic with an increased weight range of up to 200 grams. This makes dough dividing even more flexible!

  • 02.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Cast-iron eye catchers

    In a hotel in Norway, there are two ancient ovens made by Werner & Pfleiderer that evoke an atmosphere of old bakery tradition.

  • 01.10.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Save the date: Events in October

    There are only a few days left until the most important trend exhibitions of this year begin. We will present our latest technologies and new concepts.

  • 27.09.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Odorless Frying

    Frying without annoying odors is made possible with the continuous fryer DLA 150-2 from WP Riehle

  • 02.08.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Energy-optimized baking

    Is it possible to produce high quality baked goods and save energy costs at the same time? Of course it is - with an intelligent oven control!

  • 01.08.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Crisp and delicious

    Fried foods are in popular demand, as a part of school meals as well as for company catering. Frying food with the continuous fryer by WP Riehle saves on frying fat and energy.

  • 31.07.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Save the date: Events in October

    The countdown for the two most important trend exhibitions of this year has started. The latest technologies and a novel concept for bakers to win the race are waiting for you.

  • 04.07.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Rescue for manufacturing company Riehle

    The medium sized frying machines perfectly round up the product portfolio of the WP BAKERYGROUP.

  • 03.07.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    WP Haton – 50 years young!

    Two small boys paved the way for today’s location.

  • 01.07.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    WP Live online

    You would like to experience WP personally? You can contact us in person at our backing centres, at exhibitions, at diverse events. We look forward to your visit!

  • 01.07.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Baker's tip: baking ideas for the barbeque season

    Bread and rolls are popular barbeque side dishes – especially when they are baked to shape as a smart, summer product idea.

  • 07.05.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    WP Food Shop Solutions: Advertising that makes appetite

    Flexible advertising appeals to the right customer group, draws attention to special promotions and sets purchasing impulses.

  • 03.05.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    New technology: Fit for current dough types

    Easier handling, simple cleaning and exactly focused on characteristics of modern doughs – the innovations on the Multimatic simplify work in the bakery.

  • 02.05.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Seminar for bakers: Save energy right!

    Bakeries are counted as the "front-runners“ on energy consumption. But if you know how, energy costs can be reduced significantly.

  • 26.04.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Save the Date: Events in May

    We are looking forward to present interesting innovations and successful WP technology at the following exhibition:

  • 25.04.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Know-how for bakers: Apple Pie Day

    On 13th May the Americans celebrate Apple Pie Day. The fruity pastries are also selling well in this country. Especially when it comes straight from the In-store oven.

  • 24.04.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    [Translate to Englisch:] Dietmar Bohlen

    Dietmar Bohlen new WP Managing Director

    Dietmar Bohlen will assume the office of the WP BAKERYGROUP Director of Sales with effect from 1st May 2013.

  • 26.03.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Baker's tip chocolate rolls

    Customers are delighted with the aromatic scent of warm chocolate, bite into the delicious samples on the counter for tasting: fresh chocolate rolls from the In-store oven.

  • 25.03.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Save the Date: Events im April

    We are looking forward to present interesting innovations and successful WP technology at the following exhibitions.

  • 25.03.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Technology for the best baking results

    At the Sachsenback exhibition in Dresden, Germany, the WP BAKERYGROUP presents several highlights for the hygienic and energy-efficient production of high quality baked goods.

  • 22.03.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Internorga 2013: green, light and innovative

    Outside the exhibition gates was icy grey, inside at Hall B6 a friendly green. The new design green WP stand with orange sheep and innovative technology was a real crowd-puller.

  • 04.03.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Category: Interesting things about baking: a cool thing

    Good taste remains if properly cooled. This has been found by an American scientist, recalled by an anniversary.

  • 04.03.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Know-how for bakers: In-store Baking

    With In-store baking, light, classic rolls increase turnover. Evenly baked and deliciously crispy products - will make your customers love you.

  • 04.03.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    Media Tip: WDR visits an industrial bakery in Bielefeld, Germany

    A camera crew from German tv station WDR looked over the bakers' shoulder at Bielefeld's industrial bakery Kriemelmann and Bürenkemper, watching the production of square grain rolls on a WP Kemper Quadro Round.

  • 14.02.2013WP BAKERYGROUP

    In focus: Kiev Regional baking complex

    On five production lines, 250 tons of baked products are produced in 24 hours in order to supply the citizens of Kiew and the surrounding areas with high quality bread.