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140 years of innovative bakery technology from WP

WP BAKERYGROUP presents the latest trends in technology and tried-and-tested machines at the Südback, the leading trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trade in Germany, from 21 to 24 September 2019 in Stuttgart. The broad range of products is reflected in a 10 percent increase in the size of stand B21/C21 at the new location in Hall 9. The showcased variety of innovations that have been at the core of the brand WP BAKERYGROUP for 140 years, reflect the focus topics of the anniversary year: intelligent mixing, gentle production from the dough strip, efficient production of classic small baked goods, fast lye application and technology for the very best baking quality, as the well-proven WP ovens WP MATADOR and ROTOTHERM.

140 years of bakery technology for the trade – Hermann Werner and Paul Pfleiderer laid the foundation of today’s WP BAKERYGROUP in 1879. With its five competence centers, the group of companies covers every step of the baking process from a technical perspective. The exhibits at this year’s Südback are exemplary of pioneering innovations and enhancements, as well as of well-proven machines and systems.

Intelligent mixing: The mixer that can sense
The success story of WP BAKERYGROUP began with a mixing machine, launched on the German market by the two founders Herman Werner and Paul Pfleiderer at the end of 19th century. An ingenious invention, which they had patented. The two could certainly not imagine how this technology would develop further. Today, KRONOS, the intelligent mixer, is the best example of how much the group of companies focuses on the future. The KRONOS digital achieves dough in reproducible, always constant dough quality, irrespective of the raw material properties and ambient conditions, as well the employees’ know-how, because it is able to take defined influencing variables into account, perform control independently of personnel, and adapt the process to fluctuating raw material and environmental parameters. The mixer thus stops the mixing process at the perfect point in time. Like all versions of the KRONOS wheel-out spiral mixer, it works according to WP Kemper’s own 3-zone mixing principle with guide bar and spiral, so that the ingredients can be mixed quickly and completely for very good mixing results.

Dough strip: product variety on a single system
In the past 140 years, WP BAKERYGROUP has done pioneering work in many areas of processing. For example, it made the mechanical production of square bread rolls possible in the first place. The efficient production of a wide range of products is an important issue for many bakeries. The PANE bread and bread roll baking system was specifically invented for this purpose. Be it round, square or long-rolled bread rolls, ciabatta or bread: different modules, such as the new long moulder or the patented baguette station, allow an almost infinite product variety and support the development of own product ideas, as the system can be subsequently expanded thanks to its modular concept. With the PANE KOMBI, it is even possible to produce rustic and classic products on a single system. Even soft, pre-proofed dough can be processed particularly gently with the integrated dough strip former and the S-shaped roller frame.

The very best baking quality: WP ovens set the standards
In the 1950s, the legendary WP MATADOR revolutionized work in bakehouses, and it is still considered the epitome of an excellent deck oven by bakers all over the world. Its latest generation is equipped with the new WP NAVIGO 3 control with video capability. The new oven control also includes the EASY MOD function, specially developed for instore baking. With its colored visualization and a clearly designed interface, operation of the WP MATADOR STORE instore baking oven is simple and safe, even for semiskilled personnel. The Colour Edition version of the instore baking oven is a perfect example of how the design of our technology has further developed. Be it stylish red, bright yellow, fresh green or the bakery store’s traditional color – the enameled surfaces of the WP MATADOR STORE Colour Edition can be customized in countless RAL colors as desired.

Low energy consumption and high quality baking results – that’s how the ROTOTHERM Green scores. It saves 28.7 % more energy than its predecessor model, as proven by an independent expert opinion. The certified energy efficiency gives bakeries a financial advantage. Because various government funding programs support new investments if they save at least 25 % energy compared to previous technology.

Lye application: the ALLROUND lye application machine is the fastest
WP Riehle is the youngest member of the WP BAKERYGROUP family, and the specialist for fat baking, tray cleaning and lye application. Lye can be applied efficiently and in high quality to up to 400 trays per hour with the ALLROUND. At this maximum production quantity, the ALLROUND is the fastest lye application system in its class currently available on the market. It also achieves particularly good results in lye application thanks to the combination of two lye curtains with the patented WP Riehle lye shower. A much larger quantity of lye thus comes in contact with the dough piece, so that the lye is uniformly applied without spots, streaks or bubbles, even at high speeds.

Dough divider: the V 700 SR CleanTec industrial dough divider divides with great weight accuracy and hygienic
From firm to very soft dough, the hydraulically adjustable voluminator of the V 700 divides all kinds of dough with extreme accuracy and in a way that’s gentle on the dough. In addition, the industrial dough divider from WP Haton is noted for its excellent performance and a design that’s easy to keep clean. The V 700 was developed for medium-sized to industrial bakeries that produce a wide range of products and therefore process different dough, undertake frequent product changes, and place high demands on weight accuracy. The V 700 can produce up to 9,600 pieces per hour in a weight range from 50 g to 2,400 g. The machine is universally suitable for the production of all types of bread (including gluten-free), as well as pizza, high-protein bread, toast, baguette, pan bread and rye bread.

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