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A place to experience: the WP Taste Workshop at the Südback 2017.

From selected raw materials to first-class processing of demanding dough, and the buying experience in the attractively designed in-store bakery section: The WP Taste Workshop (Hall 1, stand E51/E52) presents all services bakeries may require along the entire value chain on a shared exhibition space for the first time. The unique cooperation of three baking industry experts makes it possible: WP BAKERYGROUP, the mill group Roland Mills United and the bakery fitter Konzeptwerkstatt Merge.

Aromatic, exceptional, digestible: Thanks to the holistic approach of WP BAKERYGROUP, Roland Mills United and Konzeptwerkstatt Merge, bakers can experience in an impressive manner at the Südback 2017 how particularly demanding bakery products are produced and sold successfully. High-quality flours, user-friendly technical equipment and the point of sale (PoS) are combined so that bakers can expect comprehensive consultation and pooled expertise.

New spelt innovations for bread and pastries, fine flutes, delicately crispy rose rolls: Selected bakery items are produced mechanically using process-safe flours at the live baking. The raw materials, for example the light Bonjour Roland wheat flour and the newly developed 630/VK spelt flour from the oldest growing region in Germany, ensure a high level of operational safety. They are particularly intended for use on high-tech devices, such as the machines and systems of WP BAKERYGROUP.

The WP Pane dough strip system perfectly demonstrates by way of example, how even the most delicate and demanding dough with long maturing can be prepared by a machine. A new model for classic slit rolls was also newly developed for this system in time for the Südback. Further technical highlights of WP BAKERYGROUP are the blue ribbons and trays for even more hygiene with the WP Selecta modular roll baking system, and the new preportioner. The high-performance WP Vacuspeed vacuum cooling, now with new practical sliding door, guarantees volume and long-lasting freshness.

Appealing bakery items sell even better when they are presented in attractive surroundings. Konzeptwerkstatt Merge are the experts in this field – they also involve the digital world from the initial idea to the last finishing touch, for example when it comes to the customer demand of quick and easy online ordering options. And they always take into consideration that modernity and tradition should not cancel but complement each other. The new WP Matador Store feature demonstrates how technology contributes to a shopfloor’s design of wellbeing. No color preference remains unfulfilled with the instore baking oven, because its enameled surfaces are now available in countless RAL colors – to perfectly match the interior at the point of sale.