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First Berliner fryer installed in the US

Donuts now face fierce competition from Berliners in their home country. The first fully automatic open kettle fryer for Berliners, the WP Riehle L2000A was only recently installed in the US. Boston Swissbäkers can now finally bake as many Berliners as their customers want to buy.

Swissbäkers have already been producing this typical German fat baked pastry in a small deep fryer for eight years. But the bakers could no longer keep up with the demand, that's how much their customers love Berliners and buy them.

They therefore decided for a fully automatic Berliner open kettle fryer to be more efficient. "For us, the L2000A is a milestone" comment Helene and Thomas Stohr, owners of Swissbäkers, enthusiastically. Instead of four Berliners per baking cycle they now produce 60 pieces at once. The baking time is shorter and the quality better and more consistent.

One significant selling point of the Berliners from Swissbäkers is its calorie content. While a donut has an impact of 300 calories and more, a Berliner from Swissbäkers has only round and about 160 calories. Swissbäkers explains that this is owed to their typical butter dough, the natural fillings and the special deep frying method of the L2000A where the dough pieces absorb only little fat.