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Technology for the best baking results

At the Sachsenback exhibition in Dresden, Germany, the WP BAKERYGROUP presents several highlights for the hygienic and energy-efficient production of high quality baked goods.

For the first time, the new WP Intelligent Energy Control (IEC) can be seen in operation. The new innovation integrated into the oven control of Rototherm bake efficiency, minimizes energy waste by itself. This reduces energy waste significantly, e.g., as the oven automatically goes into standby mode within a preset idle time and switches off the burner or heater. The oven temperature drops to a calculated temperature that guarantees to achieve the pre-set warm up time.

WP Kemper offers a new product: For craft bakeries that produce high-quality products, a spiral mixer made especially for the mixing light, dryer doughs.

A hygienic innovation on the renowned Selecta roll line are the stamping cups. A bayonet connection enables you to remove the stamping cups easily and clean them dry, wet or wash them in the dishwasher.

The 3rd Generation of the legendary Imperator dough divider, presented for the first time last year at IBA, can also be seen at the Sachsenback. In combination with the Round- and Longmoulder Superba Compact, it shows that maximum hygiene in the bakery is quite easy to achieve with clever mechanical construction. The CleanTec-label, one of four WP quality labels, distinguishes the machine for its hygienic design.

The new WP labels CleanTec, GreenEnergy, SmartControl and BakingQuality show the individual standard of quality of the group with their machines and systems.The advantage for the exhibition visitors: outstanding features are recognizable immediately at a glance. CleanTec stands for high hygiene, Green Energy for minimal energy consumption at maximum efficiency, Smart Control for simple, uniform control systems and BakingQuality for baking with special quality.

Rototherm bake efficency