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A milestone in the baking industry

The newly constructed Kiev Regional baking complex is the largest bread factory in the Ukraine. Five production lines generate an output of 250 tons in 24 hours. With this it is possible to supply the inhabitants of Kiev and the surrounding communities with high quality bread.

The traditional Baton is mainly produced in the modern baking complex located in Kruschyna about 40 kilometres from Kiev. The oval wheat bread, usually decorated with slanted cuts, is a typical bread specialty in north-eastern European countries. It is produced in the Kiev Regional baking complex on WP BAKERYGROUP production lines, which have the tunnel oven Thermador and the WP Multi-roll rolls-module.

The factory is the first in the Ukraine that uses the technology of loose flour storage. The total investment sum amounts to 45 million U.S. Dollar, 3,500 jobs were created. The Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych visited the new bakery factory and was informed by the manufacturers about production technologies.

„The modern, energy-efficient equipment is a milestone in the history of the baking industry in the Ukraine. It is our great pleasure and honour to be part of it, "said Jürgen Horstmann, the Managing Director of the WP BAKERYGROUP, at the meeting with the President.

After the training on the plant was completed, the bakery products are now being distributed through retail stores. There is a positive feedback from the customers. Bakery products fulfil the high expectations with regards to a long lasting freshness, a consistently good flavour and ontic quality.

The Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych (1st row center) gets informed on the new production technology in the Kiev Regional baking complex.

Jürgen Horstmann (2nd from right), Managing Director of WP BAKERYGROUP, and the WP team at the re-opening of the Kiev Regional baking complex.