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Bakery machines at the highest level

We have now been working with bakeries for more than 50 years. Over the years we have been able to improve established processes with the latest technology and expand our assortment for the production of a wide variety of products. As part of the WP BAKERYGROUP, we are the world's leading manufacturer of bakery machines.


WP Lebensmitteltechnik RIEHLE GmbH
Heinrich-Rieger-Str. 5
D-73430 Aalen

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We offer devices for the following special fields:

Many options, one result: lowest fat absorption and larges baking volume

WP Frying Bakery

Product overview Pastry Deep Fryers

Less fat, crispy and faster due to submerged frying of the products

WP Frying

Product overview Savoury Deep Fryers

Shop solutions: From the freezer quickly into the customers's hands

WP Snacks

Product overview Snack Ovens


From manual to semi-industrial - lye application in highest quality

WP Pretzels

Product overview Lye Applications

Professional tray cleaning for industrial and artisanal production

WP Clean

Product overview Tray Cleaning Applications

Making optimum use of new technology (robotics and automation)

WP Robotics

Product overview Robotics


Energy and space-saving: large freezer surface in a small space

Product overview Bakery Freezing Systems

Individual solutions for best integration

WP Individual

Accessories and extensions

We offer our customers useful accessories and suitable extensions for our machines.


Our devices are used worldwide. In bakeries, hotels, supermarkets and other establishments in the food industry

With our machines, we have long ceased to limit ourselves to the production/finishing of pretzels, Berliners and donuts. With our various deep fryers, infrared ovens and tray cleaning systems we can do much more! For example, our continuous open kettle fryers are used in butcher shops, restaurants, catering and other areas of food processing. Our infrared ovens are particularly suitable for use in the shops, where it is important to meet customer demands quickly.

Quality made in Germany

Through regular maintenance by our WP RIEHLE quality service, we provide maximum protection against breakdowns and thus ensure optimum production reliability even in times of heavy capacity utilisation. And all this without additional costs!