Open Kettle Fryer L2000M/D
Open Kettle Fryer L2000M/D
Open Kettle Fryer L2000M/D

Open Kettle Fryer L2000M/D

The manual deep fryer with turn basket and program control

The manual control unit offered with the Linie2000M can be programmed for three fry programs with up to four turns; the display of remaining fry-time, and an acoustic turn and fry-time end signal in conjunction with the turn basket ensure precise deep fat frying.

  • GreenEnergy – minimal Energy, maximal Efficiency
  • Smart Control – easy and standardized operation for WP machines
  • BakingQuality – Baking with unique quality
  • CleanTec – Machines with hygienic design


  • 3 bake programs, each with 4 turns
  • Acoustic signal for turn time and fry-time end
  • Fry-time remaining display
  • Clocked heat-up prevents the fat/oil from burning
  • Manual hinged steam lid mounted on the device
  • Target/actual temperature display
  • Gas-pressure supported manual fry basket lift
  • The turn basket always remains above the vat, thus there is no fat carryover
  • Easy product removal by dumping onto the drain trolley
  • Stable castors for maximum flexibility


  • Fermentation chamber with integrated water tank
  • Available as Vario Station with 2 machines and middle-tabele for common use
  • Turn basket (4-row and 6-row)High trolleys (16-tray, 18-tray, and 20-tray)
  • Fermentation chamber trolleys (8-tray, 9-tray, and 10-tray)
  • Flat fry basket
  • Funnel cake sheet
  • Fry basket with retaining lid for submerged frying
  • Sugar vat with tilting bottom
  • Mobile fat filter
  • WP Riehle ventilator hood


  • Quark balls
  • Quark rings
  • Berliner
  • Doughnuts


  • 30-60 pcs./baking process

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