Shop glazing system REVOLUTION
Shop glazing system REVOLUTION
Shop glazing system REVOLUTION

Shop glazing system REVOLUTION

Perfectly glazed donuts in next to no time

The ITES oven from WP Riehle is a German designed and built infra-red oven and convection oven in one with many other unique features. The oven is designed especially to bake off pre-baked frozen breads, snacks such as pizza slices, sausage rolls, pretzels and much, much more.

The oven is ideal for convenience stores, snack shops, hotels and restaurants, satellite bakery shops and kiosks. Its low power consumption and fast start up time and small footprint means that you can respond to your customers’ demands easily and very quickly.

The infra-red technology bakes the product from the inside out, retaining moisture in the product. This increases shelf life and improves the quality of the finished product. The convection oven bakes from the outside in.



  • Conventional oven and newest infrared technology in one
  • Bakes in to out and out to in
  • Thawing possible in the oven
  • Moisture retention
  • Touch screen control, 25 individual programs
  • Low power
  • High output, small footprint
  • Speeds up your workflow up to 70 %
  • Huge cycle timereductions
  • Stainless steel construction
  • German designed and built


  • The optional salter allows for the complete baking cycle to be achieved automatically directly from the freezer.


  • Donuts
  • Berliner

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