Fried products
L2000 Touch

Proven deep fry quality featuring latest technology
  • intuitive touch panel control
  • fully automated baking process
  • optional: automatic filling

The flexible alternative to a continuous line system

Work quickly, automatically and efficiently with the Line 2000 Touch in the Vario version. The Vario station, consisting of two units with a joint centre table, can be supplemented with an automatic filling system and a conveyor belt with a connecting sugar turntable.

The automated processes are similar to those of a small continuous system and thus ensure significant savings in work time and increased efficiency.

Zwei Fettbackgeräte in Kombination für die doppelte Produktanzahl

Optional: Vario-Station

with automatic filling and sugar turntable – filling quantities can be stored for the respective baking program


Control system

insensitive touch panel control, works even on greasy surfaces

Optional with tank and drain filter

for longer grease service life – the drained grease can be returned to the tray via a pump



Optionally with integrated proofing chamber

The proofing chamber is closed at the bottom and has a 2-litre water tank

Optional: Dosing unit

for automatic dosing of  curd cheese dumplings, crullers and cake donuts


Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

Configure your suitable deep fryer according to your space conditions and production targets

  1. Technical specifications:
    • future-proof through use of the latest touch display and servo motor technology
  2. Flexibility:
    • can be used as a single unit or as a Vario-Station
    • thus adaptable to seasonal production quantities
    • easy changing of the fillings due to storage possibilities in the baking program
  3. Efficiency:
    • automatic processes save time and manpower
  4. Quality of the end products
    • Larger donut/pastry volume due to tightly closing steam lid
    • digital heating control for constant temperature and reduced fat absorption
    • automatic turning in the fat
    • automatic removal of the products after the end of baking time

Per baking process

36-120 pcs.

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  • available as Vario-Station
  • automatic filling
  • Sugar turntable
  • Oil drain filter tank with backwash pump
  • mobile grease cleaner
  • Proofing chamber with integrated water tank
  • automatic dosage
  • Proofing tray (4 and 6 rows)
  • High trolleys (16, 18, 20 shelves)
  • Exhaust hood

Data sheet

english (USA)

Data sheet

english (USA)

For all types of donuts

The automated processes ensure simpler production and consistent product quality. The touch panel control enables intuitive operation



Cake Donuts



Floating frying of ‘Berliner’ donuts, donuts, curd cheese dumplings, and much more.

Safe operation, even with a greasy surface


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