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New Puncho hole punching module wins Südback trophy

The Puncho hole puncher from WP BAKERYGROUP was awarded with the DBZ trophy at the Südback. The innovative solution convinced the jury, as artisan bakeries working with it can easily, quickly and cost-effectively expand their assortment with a variety of perforated products.

PUNCHO is the new module for the SELECTA MODULAR and MULTIROLL bread roll systems for the production of perforated small baked goods in a weight range of 40 g to 80 g in artisan quality. It allows bakers with only one system the production of a very wide range of products: from stamped and cut to smooth round rolls, as well as long-rolled and perforated products. The hole punching cups, which have been applied for patent, are the special feature that distinguishes PUNCHO from conventional systems. This is where the punching as such takes place.

“With this technology, we want to support artisan bakeries to stand out positively from their competitors. Therefore, we developed the PUNCHO hole puncher as a modular system. This makes it easy to expand an existing system and to add high-quality perforated baked goods to the range of products,” explained Jürgen Horstmann, Managing Partner of WP BAKERYGROUP.

PUNCHO is a cost-efficient solution, as it uses the existent revolver stamping head and other applications. The changeover of the system requires only few steps and no more than 15 minutes. The hole punching cups are designed in blue as hygiene stamping cups and can be easily as well as hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher.