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The WP BAKERYGROUP novelties at the iba 2018

“Think process” – under this trade fair motto, the WP BAKERYGROUP presents an incredible variety of innovative ideas at this year’s iba 2018, with which best baking quality can be produced even more economically and resource-efficient. The technical innovations for industrial and artisan bakeries can be experienced at the Munich Exhibition Center in Hall B4/110 from 15 to 20 September 2018:

KRONOS DIGITAL: The first intelligent mixer that is able to stop the mixing process at the optimum point in time
The intelligent KRONOS DIGITAL mixer adapts independently to the condition of the dough and stops the mixing process automatically at the optimum point in time. This guarantees dough in reproducible, always constant dough quality, irrespective of the raw material properties and ambient conditions, as well as the training and experience of the responsible employees. The KRONOS is very easy to operate: once started it performs all other tasks automatically. The mixing process is continuously controlled based on the measured dough properties. The blending and mixing phases are adjusted or ended automatically. And each measurement is also documented for the purpose of quality control.

MATADOR STORE Colour Edition: The new oven generation with individual display for each oven and particularly simple operating mode
The latest generation of the MATADOR STORE Colour Edition instore baking oven will be presented at the iba with the new control system generation WP NAVIGO 3. Each oven has its own display, which is attached in an ergonomically optimized manner right next to the door for time-saving working. The clear EASY MOD display mode makes operation of the oven particularly easy and safe for sales personnel, as information on the product, the baking time and readiness for loading can be captured at a glance.

MULTIMATIC: Even more flexible for more applications and broader weight range
The advanced MULTIMATIC dough divider and moulding machine is now suitable for an even more versatile range of applications. The number of rows can be easily adjusted, which means that the MULTIMATIC can be used very flexibly with a significantly greater weight range of up to 600 g. The MULTIMATIC has also been further developed in terms of hygiene. All belts, dough-handling plastic components and the hopper are in blue. This increases the safety of food production and saves time and costs when it comes to cleaning the machines.

ROTOTHERM Green heavy duty:  with a turning circle diameter of 1,560 mm
The heavy duty edition of the ROTOTHERM GREEN is new. It offers space for two 600 X 800 mm rack trolleys or for one large single rack trolley requiring a turning circle with a diameter of up to 1,560 mm. The rotating table has accordingly been designed for heavier weights. It is suitable for high loads of up to 750 kg max. per baking cycle. The heat exchangers have also been enhanced to ensure even greater energy efficiency.

WP NAVIGO 3: The new control system generation with optimized user interface
WP Bakery Technology’s tried and tested control system will be launched on the market in the third generation at the iba 2018. The WP NAVIGO 3 convinces with an optimized user interface for all instore and production baking ovens, and many new features.

MAMMOETH: The world’s first fully servo-controlled dough divider
MAMMOETH, the first fully servo-controlled dough divider is the result of the Blue Innovation Centre, an open innovation model in which WP Haton engineers develop machines together with customers and suppliers. The MAMMOETH impresses with its Cleantec design with separate dough handling zone, and automatic cleaning options. The processing of the dough is particularly gentle thanks to the Pressure Response Position system. The servo drive controls the weight with maximum accuracy at a production speed of up to 10,000 dough pieces per hour. The dough divider is suitable for Industry 4.0 Cloud and 3DTwin. The 3DTwin principle will be demonstrated at the exhibition booth of WP BAKERYGROUP. For this, a virtual 3D copy on the display will be synchronized with a MAMMOETH at the stand. This principle enables clear and smooth communications between WP Haton and the customer – regardless of the location and combined with all advantages, such as data mining, training, service and remote process control.

VACUSPEED INDUSTRIAL: Fully automatic combination of baking in deck ovens and immediate vacuum conditioning
The fully automatic process combines batch-on-batch baking in deck ovens with immediate vacuum conditioning by the fully automatic OBER PRO II loading and unloading system. The fast WP OBER® loading systems series (up to 2 m per second) feature a central control of the entire system, in which the VACUSPEED® is also integrated. This allows reproducible and optimal mapping and control of process requirements.

THERMAL OIL TUNNEL OVEN: This new development combines radiant heat with true convective turbulence
The newly developed thermal-oil-heated tunnel oven combines the constant radiant heat typical for thermal oils with true vertical turbulence for convective heat transfer, and can also work with different baked goods carriers even without conveyor belts. The double deck oven can bake a great variety of products, e.g. variations of toast with different product weights, in open and closed tin clusters. Two main features distinguish the new thermal oil oven from its predecessors. Probably the most important modification concerns the heat-emitting radiators, the second the circulation blower system. Instead of closed radiator panels, the WP IB team folded a pipe the thickness of a child’s arm in two passes to create an air-permeable surface without gaps in heat transfer or a narrowing of the pipe radius at the turning points. The permeability of the surfaces was also consistently pursued in the design of the baked goods carriers.
Due to the thermal inertia of the heat transfer medium, the radiant heat remains nearly uniform throughout the entire oven at a maximum temperature of 310 °C.

COMJET WITH ROBOT CUTTING SYSTEM: Fast and professional lye application with state-of-the-art modular robotic cutting system
At this year’s iba in Munich, WP Riehle will present the first robot module under the brand name WP ROBOT, coupled to the proven COMJET lye application system. The modular system with robotic module and camera systems sets new standards. Directly after lye application, the dough pieces enter the modular robotic module where they are sliced by state-of-the-art Autonox robots to specifications. By choice, the cuts can be performed precisely by ultrasonic knives, water jet, rotating knives or fixed blade. 

DLA 660 DONUT – The professional solution for the fat baking of donuts
The new DLA 660 DONUT focuses on fast and professional donut production. The turning insert with one turning ensures an optimal result, the cloth infeed table and the base frame make the handling of the DLA Donut comfortable. The DLA 660 Donut features a display control with seven programs and the proven digital heating control of the DLA family, which ensures constant temperature and low fat absorption.