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New at the Internorga: High-speed ovens intelligently combined in the ITES mini-shop system

“WP World of Taste” – this year’s trade fair motto combines innovative concepts for modern bakeries and thoroughly proven machines for high-quality baked goods. WP BAKERYGROUP will be presenting its latest technical highlight, the ITES mini-shop system, for the very first time.

Mini-bakery and mini-pizzeria in one – the new ITES mini-shop system makes it possible. It consists of two ITES-tunnel ovens, arranged on top of each other that can process a variety of deep-frozen baked goods and snacks independently. Thanks to the patented infrared technology, this process is significantly faster than the usual defrosting and full baking. The system integrates optically perfect into every store design, since it can be printed in four colors. With the “self-service variant”, the clients can select the desired products and even start the baking process themselves.

In terms of proven technology, WP BAKERYGROUP covers every process step at the trade fair stand:
  • Mixing: The WP KRONOS wheel-out spiral mixer can convince with its excellent price-performance ratio and the 3-zone mixing principle with guide bar and spiral. As a classic series model, the WP KRONOS is pre-configured in function and deliverable with very short lead time. The WP KRONOS PRO variant with its many options can be customized precisely to the individual needs of a customer.

  • Conditioning: The WP PANE Pur dough strip system processes soft, pre-proofed dough particularly gentle into small breads and bread rolls. Thanks to the patented S-shaped roller frame, the dough strands are moved evenly by the force of gravity, and the dough is rolled so gently it looks like hand-rolled.

  • Lye application: The WP ALLROUND an apply lye in high quality to up to 400 trays per hour. This is ensured by two lye curtains and the patented lye shower.

  • Baking: A stone-lined version of the legendary WP MATADOR production oven is being presented at the Internorga. This traditional baking method enables artisan bakers to produce premium-flavor products that are clearly distinguishable from their industrially produced counterparts.

    The WP ROTOHERM GREEN is so energy-efficient, it consumes up to 25 % less energy than its predecessor model. Owing to this enormous energy saving potential, the purchase of a new WP ROTOTHERM GREEN may qualify for public subsidies.
  • Instore baking: The WP MATADOR STORE COLOUR EDITION presents itself with individual design to meet customer requirements. The high-quality enameled surfaces of the instore baking oven are available in countless RAL colors. The instore baking oven sets standards not only in terms of optics, but its technical innovations also promise high-end standard in baking quality, ease of operation and hygiene.