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New WP management team in Dinkelsbühl

New managing director of the WP companies located at the Dinkelsbühl facility is experienced manager Stephan Krauss. He is joined by Eckart Jahn, member of the management team and responsible for the commercial departments of both WP Lebensmitteltechnik and WP Industrielle Backtechnik in Tamm.

The stated goal of Stephan Krauss is to bring WP Lebensmitteltechnik and WP Service back again to a leading position as a manufacturer and service provider for bakery businesses. He explains the strategic orientation as follows: "The industry sector will see a comprehensive WP service campaign in 2015. Apart from classic service offerings this will also include product development, production and sales." To this end, staff will be added in the service and sales departments and construction and development will be expanded. "We will strengthen our core competencies in oven construction, press ahead with topics like energy efficiency and heat recovery and continue to develop innovations such as the recent energy-saving MATADOR STORE Green with minimal connected load rating", explains Stephan Krauss.
WP BAKERYGROUP internal business processes will also be further harmonized to achieve this objective. The function of Eckart Jahn is intended to force this process. "We will align and coordinate the internal processes at the Dinkelsbühl and Tamm facilities to ensure continued further expansion of the two companies in domestic and international business segments", says Eckart Jahn.

Stephan Krauss studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen, graduated with a degree in engineering and subsequently completed an MBA degree in economics in the United States. He has spent most of his professional file working in the printing and media industry. He acquired comprehensive leadership experience, among others, working for Bertelsmann Group as managing director of Europe's leading gravure printing company. Prior to joining WP Dinkelsbühl, Stephan Krauss was CEO at Meiller GHP, a company specializing in customized customer communications operating throughout Europe. Key projects during his tenure included site specialization and restructuring of production facilities, development of a new customer strategy and strengthening innovation leadership in the market.

Eckart Jahn worked in management of several medium-sized and large companies in the banking, retail and service sector after having completed his vocational training as a bank clerk and his studies of economics in Würzburg. In 2009, he founded a consulting company for corporate planning and restructuring. He also successfully acted as a mediator between companies, management, investors and creditors.