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Innovative industrial solutions for high quality baked goods from WP

For 135 years, the WP BAKERYGROUP has been developing, planning, manufacturing, installing and maintaining industrial bakery equipment all over the world. Special focus is placed on producing baked goods of premium quality with optimal production capacities, around the clock, 365/7/24.

The WP GROUP - a network of specialists from different bakery technology fields - has pioneering processing experience and unique know-how. Drawing on this expertise, the GROUP furnishes industrial bakeries all over the world with lines for dry, fresh and fried baked goods. Whether it’s sticks, soft rolls, pita or doughnuts - WP equipment will always be made to precisely meet the regional requirements and to produce the product that the consumers in the respective part of the world request.

At Gulfood 2014, WP BAKERYGROUP will introduce its industrial bakery technology abilities on the German joint stand. Screens at the stand will show how WP translates future-oriented product ideas and customer specifications into complete industrial lines for a variety of final products.

Some individual machines such as the high performance mixer TITAN will also be on display. As a stand alone unit, this mixer convinces with its high, reproducible dough quality, a large output and easy cleaning. Using a modular system, the single mixer can be upgraded to a fully automatic linear system. The extraordinary performance of this spiral mixer is due to its heavy-duty drive. Considering the bowl size, it has the highest power of all mixers currently available on the market.

Also on display will be the V 700 unit - an industrial scale dough divider for automatic and industrial bread lines that can handle any type of dough, from firm to very soft, in a gentle way and with the highest weight precision because of its hydraulically adjustable Voluminator.

Of interest for the internationally growing market for doughnut-type products will be the DLA unit that provides the highest flexibility in fat frying applications. Using different inserts, the continuous fryer can be used for submerged and floating frying processes. In this way, a large variety of doughnut-type baked goods can be produced with just one unit.

WP BAKERYGROUP, Sheikh Saeed Hall, German Pavillon, Dubai (UAE)