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IBIE 2013 - Discover the WP Treasures!

‘Discover the WP Treasures’ is the WP BAKERYGROUP’s slogan for this year’s IBIE in Las Vegas where the company will present its latest technologies for the production of premium quality baked goods. The legendary dough divider RS Admiral from Winkler will be on display for the very first time as well as exhibits by WP Riehle, the newest company in the WP Group.

The WP BAKERYGROUP will highlight its large and varied product range at stand 10234 at the most important exhibition for the bakery and patisserie industry in the US, the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). One remarkable innovation on show is the roll production line PANE, developed in 2012. It is the first machine in which the movement of the inner drum of the rounding station can be varied by controls. This improves the intensity of the rounding process resulting in gentle handling of the dough, even for very soft and high hydration doughs. The special principle of dividing and rounding employed in the Pane line is reflected in the quality of the baked goods. The dough pieces that only require a comparably short relaxation time show a volume increase of between 20 and 25 per cent after baking. Moreover, the Accurator works with a completely new principle; by using a simple switch, the baker can decided whether the products should be divided by precise shape or by precise weight. The Pane line also captivates with its large product variety. It can be used for making rustic and round products, which can be transported through the line on different lanes. The high performance dough divider Softstar will be demonstrated as model CT with newly developed features. CT stands for CleanTec, the hygiene concept of the WP BAKERYGROUP that strictly follows the principle that contamination should not be allowed to occur in the first place. If contamination cannot be avoided, it must be easy to spot and be easy to remove. This means in practice that all parts of the dough-dividing chamber that have food contact are easily accessible and easy to clean. The chamber itself is made completely from stainless steel and plastic materials with the construction being reduced to the bare necessities. The smooth surfaces are therefore not targets for possible contamination.  In the mixing section, the mobile spiral mixer SP and the wheel-outspiral mixer President will be on show. The spiral mixer SP utilizes a process that has long been proven: three-zone-mixing. In this way optimal and easy to process doughs will be produced because the mixing is done in three separate zones. With this principle, an additional amount of air – and with it more oxygen - is introduced into the dough resulting in dry, plastic and machinable doughs. The mixer President, shown at the exhibition as a model for 150 kg flour, also works with this principle. This year, the deck oven Matador turns 60. It combines traditional baking processes with the latest technology to produce baked goods of the highest possible quality. This is supported by the heating system Zyklotherm developed exclusively for the Matador oven and since then perfected by WP. The result: Juicy baked goods with a crisp crust that are reproducible in an extremely consistent quality over and over again. Moreover, each Matador oven features the Navigo control by WP which provides for a user-friendly and energy saving operation. Producing the best quality and saving energy in front baking – this can be achieved with the WP in-store baking ovens Matador Store and Superior. New software integrated into the oven control works according to the principle: Full use of energy for the highest quality – no waste of energy during empty oven times. The ovens turn themselves off during empty oven times. Based on the pre-set waiting time selected individually by the baker, the oven maintains a target temperature, for example, for “batch-to-batch baking”. After the waiting time has elapsed, the oven temperature drops to a value that still ensures that the pre-set heat-up time will be met.  Three exhibits demonstrate WPs competence in bread. The dough divider B 300Grand Vitess produces 6,000 baguettes per hour with a weight preciseness of +/- 5 per cent, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The machine can be easily integrated into industrial lines for the production of baguettes, frozen baguettes, Petit Pain and artisan breads. The equipment is characterized by a high and stable performance because the drive is composed of only a few parts. Combined with the Blue Value Service Package, an efficiency and availability rate of 99 per cent can be achieved. Optionally, a Blue Box containing specific and often needed spare parts can be ordered.  The conical rounder CCR 59 can process all types of dough including wheat, wheat/rye and multigrain doughs. The dough pieces are introduced into the cylindrical part of the machine via an adjustable chute. The rotation of the cone moves the dough pieces upwards in special channels while rounding them. The chute, channels and cone are Teflon coated thus preventing the dough from sticking and minimizing the formation of crumbs. For optimal rounding, the dough pieces are turned halfway through the process. The moulding path is quite long due to the combination of cylinder and cone, resulting in good rounding properties, even with firm doughs.  The Universal Longmoulder Combi E has been designed for the handling of various types of bread made from wheat and mixed-grain doughs with a rye proportion of up to 60 per cent. The machine is characterized by both precise positioning of the dough pieces in front of the long-moulding equipment and an extremely uniform sheeting result. The rollers can be set precisely as required for different doughs. The dough divider Admiral by Winkler optimally supplements the WP product range for the market in North America. This line made specifically for the production of bagels surprises with its high speed. Allroundis the pretzel lye application unit by WP Riehle. It is the fastest machine in its class and enables the very economical and efficient application of sodium hydroxide at a maximum production output of 400 baking sheets per hour. The caustic solution is applied fully automatically via a unique spray application unit with two additional waterfall-type applicators (patent pending).  The lye application unit RMBB by WP Riehle has been developed for medium-size production companies. A reliable electronic control allows variable production speeds and even indicates service intervals. A double waterfall-type lye applicator and an additional lye spray application guarantee an optimum application of the caustic solution.