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„Think Process“ at the Modern Bakery Moscow

At the most important exhibition of the bakery and confectionery industry in Russia and the CIS countries, the Modern Bakery Moscow, WP BAKERYGROUP is showing a wide range of products.

The rack oven Rototherm and the In-store oven Matador Store are presented in the field of the oven technology. Both ovens stand for high baking quality, energy efficiency and with the thermo package they are equipped with the new insulation concepts for uniform heat.
The compact Roll Line Miniroll can also be seen. The 3 to 5 row Roll Line produces high capacity in a small space. With this line long moulded and cylindrical rolls, purely Round rolls as well as Hamburgers can be produced. The exhibition stand is completed with the Roundmoulder CCR 59 which is suitable for processing all types of dough, such as wheat, mixed wheat, mixed rye and grain doughs. The WP team from Moscow as well as staff from Germany and the Netherlands are available as contact persons.

The main focus of the exhibition presentation is the theme of WP BAKERYGROUP "Think Process". What this means is: All individual steps and procedures are linked and optimised in the entire process chain of the baking technology. This way bakery products can be produced conserving resources as well as economically at a high quality level.

In recent years, the development in the Russian bakery industry was heavily influenced by the political situation. In this respect there were relative upswings as well as stagnation. For the future, the WP BAKERYGROUP still sees significant potential growth in Russia and the CIS countries. There is still the need to further develop and renew production areas, in the field of existing customers. Also service and support is required on re-sale. In addition, there are numerous businesses that are assessed as potential customers.

The market trend this year has been very positive so far, especially having a good sale from stock. Therefore, the expectations of the WP BAKERYGROUP on the Modern Bakery are optimistic and connected with the hope that the new time of exhibition from 24th to 27th April 2013 there will be no adverse impact on the number of visitors. This might be the case, as the new date is very close to the May bank holidays in Russia and the beginning of the Easter period.
In addition, there is another advantage over the previous exhibition date in October. At that time at the central exhibition site Expocentre there were two simultaneous exhibitions, the Modern Bakery and the Agroprodmasch that attracted the audience.

Rack Oven Rototherm

Rack Oven Rototherm