WP Mixing: For fluffy and easy-to-process dough

No one can fool us when it comes to the quality of dough. Because, for 100 years already, the name WP Kemper has been standing for sophisticated mixing machines.

Industrial mixing systems
UC PRO, KRONOS, TITAN Linear systems, Power Roll system, Power Square systems
Our industrial mixing systems are available for up to 7,200 kg dough per hour and are designed for dough resting times of up to 240 minutes.

The high-performance TITAN spiral mixer
The TITAN lives up to its name, and he 400 model processes up to 3,200 kg of dough per hour.

The KRONOS and KRONOS PRO spiral mixers
Both mixer models are waiting for you at our trade fair stand. The KRONOS is available in different model sizes for 120 to 240 kg of dough, the KRONOS PRO for 120 to 400 kg of dough.

The UC PRO dual spiral mixer
The UC PRO has a unique spiral principle for more stability and volume with particularly soft dough. It processes 130 to 200 kg dough.

The wheel-out SP spiral mixer
A direct tub drive and a powerful motor combine the agility of a small mobile mixer with the performance of a large one for the processing of 25 to maximum 200 kg of dough.


WP at the iba 2018