WP Future

Welcome Future! Automated processes facilitate work and increase quality. We use digitization for future-oriented machines and controls.

WP MAMMOETH: The first fully servo-controlled dough divider in the world


The dough divider is suitable for Industry 4.0 Cloud and 3DTwin. Witness the principle of 3DTwin at our trade fair stand. For this, a virtual 3D copy on the display will be synchronized with a MAMMOETH at the stand.


KRONOS digital: The first mixer that can sense

The KRONOS has expert knowledge. That's why it can sense when the dough has the right consistency and automatically stops the mixing process – at the optimum point in time! This guarantees reproducible, always constant dough quality.

KRONOS digital

NAVIGO 3: The video-capable oven control system

Complicated operating instructions are a thing of the past! The NAVIGO 3 stores easy-to-understand training films, e.g. for minor maintenance work. You can watch them directly on the display. Drop by and see for yourself.


WP at the iba 2018