WP Future for increased efficiency

Automation will continue to be the key to greater efficiency in the future. How this can be achieved, will be presented using the most innovative results from our countless research projects. This includes high-precision robot modules as well as intelligent sensor systems.

  • COMJET with WP Robot: Professional lye application combined with robotic cutting system
    Lye-treated baked goods cut by robots – now available for the first time. The new robotic module is used immediately downstream of the lye application. The lye-treated dough pieces automatically enter the robot cell. This comes equipped with ultra-modern camera technology. The dough pieces are visually recorded using laser technology and up to 78 cameras. Subsequently, robots perform highly-precise cuts exactly to specifications.

  • ViControl: Less scrap thanks to optical product monitoring
    Visual Product Control (ViControl) is based on an innovative, intelligent sensor system that optically monitors product on a permanent basis. The method can be used throughout the entire production process to guarantee the reproducible quality of the end products. The result: less scrap, greater economic efficients in the overall process.

WP at the iba 2018