17.01.2017WP Riehle

World record with the DLA

Approx. 60 kilograms of meat garnished with ham and Appenzeller cheese, 30 kilograms of breadcrumbs and 300 eggs: This impressive amount of ingredients was processed by the patron of the Swiss restaurant Lindenhof and his team to produce the world's longest cordon bleu. This beauty was baked in the DLA continuous deep fryer from WP Riehle.

Weight: 140 kilograms; length: exactly 41.665 meters. Before the frying could start, the world record cordon bleu was measured and weighed by a notary public. Because for an entry in the Guiness Book of Records everything needs to be meticulously authenticated.

The gigantic band of meat was fried in the DLA within four hours in about 80 liters of oil. The result: 750 portions of cordon bleu with first-quality taste and consistency. This is typical for the DLA which is normally used by canteens and caterers to produce fresh foodstuffs “non-stop”.

The constant temperature is of particular importance in (continuous) deep frying to achieve optimum product quality. With the DLA, the temperature is always within the optimum range and varies by a maximum of +/- 3 °C. The pores of the food thus close quickly and an excessive absorption of fat is avoided. A crispy crust builds on the outside while the tasty flavors are retained on the inside and the meat is slowly cooked until done.

The guests at the Städlifest enjoyed the delicious XXL cordon bleu. Congratulations to Altstätten on the world record!

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