“We always want to be better”

The eleven-storey wedding cake for Crown Princess Victoria was Günther Koerffer's creative masterpiece. The German-born confectioner has been living in Sweden for more than 30 years. Together with his son Philip he runs a small but fine bakery with café in Ulricehamn following his successful principle: “Everything we do, we want to do better than the others.”

Bread and cakes, sandwiches and pralines – everything “Günthers Brödstuga” sells is handmade with the highest quality from organic ingredients. Customers can watch production through the windows of the open-view bakehouse. Since a WP MATADOR STORE 12.8 with four decks moved in some time ago, the previously used rack ovens are now a thing of the past.

Günther Koerffer first noted the MATADOR when he was a member of the jury at the iba UIBC Cup for bakers and confectioners in Munich in 2015. “At this international competition, all bakehouses had been equipped with WP deck ovens. I was able to witness the excellent results that came out of the ovens and how easy they were to operate,” remembers Koerffer. The finesse of the oven equipped with baking stones convinced him.

The baking results of sourdough bread and various confectionery products finally made the decisive difference for a change from rack to deck oven. Towards the end, the results of the rack oven had no longer satisfied the demands of Günther Koerffer himself. The move has paid off. “Our sourdough bread and also the sponge cake layers and cookies now retain the moisture a lot better and turn out nice and juicy”, he states contently.

And, yet another positive effect is that the WP MATADOR STORE  is extremely energy-efficient. “We were able to cut our electricity bill by more than 100 Euro a month”, adds Günther Koerffer pleased.

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