Top seller: V 700 industrial dough divider

It does not come as a surprise that the V 700 sells so incredibly well. Because the industrial dough divider processes all types of dough in a large weight range, divides dough pieces extremely accurate and comes with a robust design.

Medium-sized and industrially working bakeries producing a wide range or products and placing high demands on weight accuracy, in particular, value the V 700 for

  • its powerful performance of 9,600 pieces per hour
  • its weight range from 25 g to 2,550 g.

Moreover, the system is universally suitable

  • for all common types of dough, such as wheat, mixed wheat/rye or multi-grain dough as well as gluten-free dough
  • for a great variety of products, such as pizza, high-protein bread, toast, baguette and rye bread.

The heart of the V 700 is its innovative dough-dividing chamber whose high-grade material is resistant to acidic, sweet and aggressive ingredients. This doubles the service life of the dough-dividing chamber, minimizes its wear and guarantees high weight accuracy over a long period of time.

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Industrial Dough Divider V 700

Contact: WP Haton

Industrial Dough Divider V 700