Quick and gentle loading

Dough with a very long dough rest is the trend, because it guarantees tasty, well digestible baked goods. The HK 100 tipping lifter facilitates the bakers’ work when producing these goods. It automatically lifts up to 60 kg of dough directly out of the dough rest box, and tips it into the PANE and PANE PUR dough strip lines.

  • The HK 100 is really quick.
    One lifting and lowering interval takes only approx. 1.5 minutes. The tipping lifter can therefore process up to 40 boxes per hour. The HK 100 is particularly easy to operate. All the settings can be made directly via the intuitive touch display of the INUS control on the head machine.

  • The HK 100 is very safe.
    Its state-of-the-art technology ensures hazard-free handling. As soon as a person steps on the safety mat, the movements of the box tipper are stopped immediately.

  • The HK 100 is extremely accurate.
    An automatic filling level control at the hopper of the head machine accurately checks the amount of dough charged by the box tipper.

  • The HK 100 is flexible.
    The box tipper has been designed for the standard dimensions 600 x 400 x 320 mm and a maximum box width of 700 mm. Other box dimensions are available on request. As an option, a fixed plastic container instead of plastic boxes can also be supplied.

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