Perfect industrially mixed dough

The fully automatic Power Roll System introduces high performance to the industrial mixing process. Up to three Power Mixers powerfully produce fluffy and particularly easy-to-process dough. The dough is then emptied into a tub in a matter of seconds, conveyed automatically and transfered via a tipping lifter to the downstream head machine.

Power Mixers are perfectly suited for the production of sandwich bread, bread rolls, soft buns and fat baked pastries, since they optimally process wheat and mixed wheat dough with reproducible quality. The 3-zone mixing principle produces fluffy dough characterized by the ability to absorb large amounts of water and an excellent mixing effect.

The Power Roll System is available with single- or double-spiral mixers. Its capacity is between 480 kg and 6,000 kg dough per hour. The base discharge mixer features a large base discharge opening. The dough can thus be emptied into the tub fixed on the conveyor belt in less than 30 seconds. A tipping lifter takes care of loading the dough into downstream dough-processing modules.

The industrial mixing system is particularly robust and reliable, thanks to its powerful drive motors. Moreover, monitoring systems with a clear design ensure high process reliability and render the planning and controlling of servicing and repair work child’s play. Smooth surfaces, cleaning positions and excellent accessibility allow optimum hygiene.

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