KROMix wins iba trophy

Our newly developed KROMix won the “iba trophy” innovation award at the iba 2018. Every three years, an independent jury of scientists, practitioners and members of the trade press presents this coveted award to outstanding technical developments and solutions for the bakery trade.

The KROMix can process large quantities of dough in semi-industrial bread and bread roll production faster. This is possible because the KROMix combines continuous mixing with dosing and batch mixing. While the ingredients are being dosed, the dough is already mixed outside the mixer, which shortens the mixing time and creates a more even dough in a dust-free dough production.  

These advantages were previously only available in the industrial sector. Now companies of a size between artisan business and industry can also benefit from them.
If the system is digitally equipped with the KRONOS, the mixer ends the mixing process at the optimum point in time. This guarantees dough in reproducible dough quality, irrespective of the raw material properties, ambient conditions, and the baker’s level of training.
The KROMix was developed in cooperation of WP Kemper and Zeppelin Systems from Rödermark. The new system convinced the jury in the Quality and Productivity category. In Munich, Michael Wippler, President of the Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerks (Central Association of the German Bakery Trade), handed over the iba trophy to Dr. Michael Euler, Managing Director of WP Kemper, Dr. Christian Faber from Zeppelin Systems, and company owner Jürgen Horstmann. “Our motivation is to develop highly efficient technology, with which even small artisan businesses can produce baked goods of the highest quality in an economical manner. With the KROMix, we have achieved this,” said Jürgen Horstmann.

Sebastian Wessels, Head of Engineering (4th from the left), Dr. Michael Euler, Managing Director of WP Kemper (5th from the left), Marketing Executive Jennifer Carree (7th from the left), Dr. Christian Faber, Zeppelin Systems (8th from the left), and company owner Jürgen Horstmann (1st from the left) accepted the prestigious “iba trophy” innovation award at the leading international trade fair for the baking industry in Munich.