Gluten free bread grow in popularity

Recent years, gluten free bread is in the spotlight. On the one hand there is more demand, secondly the production of these type of breads, comes more and more in the hands of automated bakeries.

WP Haton offers a wide range of machines for the production of various types of gluten free breads and breads with little gluten, and is one of the leading suppliers of this type of equipment with many applications and customers worldwide.
The automatic production of gluten free products can be realised for the following products:

  • Dark breads
    These products contain sunflower seeds, line seed with or in combination with malt extract and or caramel powder
  • Mixed breads
    These doughs contain one or more darker flours such as Teff flour, walnut flour or barley
  • White breads
    These products are made out of corn starch and or potato starch or gluten free wheat starch flour. No other seeds or grains are added

These types of gluten bread are available in the market: Baguettes around 240 gr, Tin bread from 300 up to 1700 gr, Rolls and ciabatta rolls – round – approx. 75 gr. The line capacities can go up to 3000 pieces/hour in fully automatic lines. WP Haton offers a complete range of portioning machines and downstream equipment for forming and shaping the end product. The WP Haton product portfolio enables to make tailor made production lines for various shapes, recipes, ingredients and softer as well as stiffer doughs.

Some doughs can only be divided with a so called Voluminator, a hydraulic pressure regulator for softer types of gluten free doughs. For stiffer dough types, the basic WP Haton range with different types of pistons and capacities can be used.  For very soft doughs use the dough divider PARTA U DIREKT, which deposits the doughs directly into the baking pan.

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