Fine sourdough bakery items

The Minden sourdough producer Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG can look back on a long history in the development of sourdough. The methods that have been developed in pioneering work since 1910, today are recognized standards worldwide. At the Südback 2017, WP BAKERYGROUP placed a WP MATADOR STORE at the disposal of the company.

At the live baking at their exhibition booth, the BÖCKER master baker successfully demonstrated how sourdough breads and bakery items turn out just perfect in the WP MATADOR. The WP instore baking oven is renowned for its high-end standard in baking quality, ease of operation and hygiene.

We are delighted to learn, that the performance of the WP MATADOR STORE has left BÖCKER fully and overly satisfied, and we would like to thank BÖCKER for the photos they provided, and the kind lines they left for us:

“Thank you very much for the oven you placed at our disposal at the Südback. We were thus able to present yet again freshly produced sourdough bakery items to our customers. Your service team and contacts on site were, as always, fully reliable and available to help at any time.”