Fat baking system full of superlatives

14 meters long, 16.5 m2 baking area and 50,000 donuts or Berliners per hour: By reaching these maximum values, the Largo is ranked first among industrial fat baking systems. That is truly peak performance.

However, the figures are not the only thing that is impressive about the Largo fat baking system. Above all, there is the high product quality that the system continually produces. The multi-heating zone system with up to nine different controllable heating zones contributes to this. In this way, extremely gentle and even deep frying is ensured.

When designing the LARGO, a great deal of importance was placed on a high degree of practicability. This is demonstrated by numerous details, such as the transport frame. As it is easy to lift, the pan bottom can be effortlessly and quickly cleaned.

Another plus point is the double-wall insulation. It minimizes the risk of injury during operation of the system and also saves a large amount of energy. The LARGO fat baking system can be heated electronically or using thermal oil.

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